Does Adon have normal anti airs?

Nvm, figured it out


I have most problems with ryu and ken’s hk jumps, at best i trade with hp and with clHK it’s too hard to timed it well.

Yeah, clHK is pretty ass, but apparently it’s been improved to use as an ‘effective’ AA in Ultra - I look forward to seeing it and getting some use out of a pretty useless move as it stands.

Otherwise, Adon’s AAs are his Rising Jaguars and stand HP (far or close) are his best moves. crLP can come in handy against divekicks (little bit tricky to time) and stMK can have it’s place too.

Dont forget standing MK … it is his best AA Button in terms of start up and hit box … st.hp damage and stun is better but it does not have the best AA hitbox.

Close HK only against neutral jumps or against tricky cross up jump ins.

In general and st.hp are very good.

Close mp is also very good and comes out in 5 frames … so in some situations it is a very good AA because of the good hitbox.


Hey guys i think you forget his crouch hp , certainly his best normal aa against neutral jump and with the longest range and can work against shoto jump forward hk but sometime it can whiff strangely :

His far mk is good but 75 damage is low unfortunately.

Yes … thx … you are right … cr.fierce is a solid AA button but his best use is to punish neutral jumps from a distance. Another nice property is that it shift your hurtbox forward and you can dodge some tricky set ups with it … unfortunately the recovery is very long … 8(