DOA4 cutting out on my 360

My DOA4 will work for a while, then it will say “controller unplugged” after a bit and I have to unplug then re-insert the cable and it will work for a little bit again. Anyone else having similar issues?


this happened to an old stick of mine

it eventually stopped reading it :sad:

i’m guessing something like that could be as simple as a dirty connector, but on a couple of the doa4’s i modded i found the soldering on the pcb wasn’t that great. some of the wires were just wobbling around in their spots. that’s just something i noticed anyway, and i’d assume something like that would cause disconnects. i’d scrape the connector first myself. (coughDCcough) :slight_smile:

thanks, I’ll try it out.

Cant test it yet, but I think I solved the problem. the ground wasn’t connected to anything for some reason.