Do your job! [Spiderman Thread]

doing what a spider can do:

His airdash:

So theres 3 parts to this. An early cancel which gives him tri jump angles. A medium cancel which he gets a float and a late cancel.

The early cancel is probably his quickest way to do damage. Its fast but its really hard to time. If you analyze his air dash angle, its the U type of motion. The area where he dips down is where you cancel out his air dash with a normal. Really simple once you learn it. What makes this truly hard in a fight is that you want to attack from all the degrees in his air dash which isn’t the case. Its not like any other air dash in the game.

The medium cancel is when he creates the last part of the U. @ this upfwd angle, he gets float properties and its pretty much cancelable anywhere in here unlike his early cancel. Mind you, he still has the rope in his hand. He gets to control his decent and you can aim @ someones dome a lot easier to get his crossups.

The late cancel is the very last part of his air dash where he has released the rope. The part where he’s swinging away from you. This too can be canceled any where.

cross em up all day:

For those that don’t know, every single one of spidey’s normals will cross up. This is devastating in my eyes with proper helpers and team chemistry. IMO, he becomes virtually unblockable because he can have 1 hit, hit front side, then the next 2 hit back side. Not to mention that he’s so damn small that marvel might put him BACK onto the ORIGINAL side. I’ve witnessed it happen multiple games and just about every time I play spidey, I get random cross ups.

mentionable normals

s.rh is SJC. Its your friend good range, its a fierce, decent priority for AA but not great. Great for combos and rerush strings.

s\c lk is a very far poke and it hits pretty small crouching characters like morrigan\chun\ruby etc… misses small crouching characters, use is his double action move. One of the few characters in the game that can throw out a normal during jump and not be affected by trip guard.

j.lp is an instant overhead but the great thing about his instant overhead is that if it connects wether its hit or block, chain into This gives him instant overhead + double action in the air because of the chain cancel making his instant overhead safe on block. He can also air dash after you cause double action.

j.lp and j.fp both cause dwn momentum. Devastating with proper helpers like tron.

Team chemistry:

apparently, spidey gets along with doom very well but I don’t play that squad. I mainly picked up spidey for low tier tourneys and doom isn’t allowed in them unless your playing by some fucked up rules. Anyway, I feel like spidey ron is very effective. DJb13 also had some spidey\sent on RP crap going on and its just chunking fools down left and right. So there’s a few ways you can go with it.

I’ll post some spidey ron stuff tomorrow seeing how I’m working on it as I type this.

spidey ron and rushing down:

ok so to make this into perspective, spidey has low front side, instant overhead, 1-3 hit air dash overheads vs crouching characters, backside low, and throw+tron. Thats quite an arsenal to get to work.
j.jab is his instant overhead.

sj, immediate air dash cancel goes into pkp for a 3 piece overhead on crouching characters. You can break this up into a 1-3 hit overhead rush down string.

when your right up on someone but you want to get that immediate crossover. SJ, immediate air dash cancel RH. Works wonders with the proper helpers.

sj. air dash immediate cancel, sj.jab, sj.fp, dash in lets you properly time some big combos. The 1-3 hits don’t give you a chance to dash because the hit stun is rather low on those moves.

option trees:

from a specific scenario, you control options and what options you want to into next. Imagine a family tree but instead of relatives, its foundations of combos.

**, **

This leads into, launchers

or sj, immediate air dash cancel 1-3 hit overhead sequence into finishers.

The great thing about this is that both of these scenario’s combo on hit from the staple. So its a hi\lo 2n1.

leads into j.jab, (this doesn’t combo, just use it cause double action), j.fp\j.rh and all the tron rings hit CLEAN.

or go low and finish off.

lastly, you can do, webswing lk. The last tron ring actually hits crossup. If your opponents block this, its still a free re-pin string into another tron call. I’m thinking this could be a very clean anti guard cancel chain.

Use your 1-3 hit overhead strings and tick’s into his rush down sequences.

Of course, there are more option trees. This is just showing brief examples of what he has. Its pretty easy to develop these too. Depending on which option trees you follow depends on if you’ll get a cross up or a frontal mixup. Just try shit out.

launcher finishers

eventually, you’ll land a launcher but he has several types of things you can try out for more options.

SJ.fp causes no screen shift so the opponent is beneath you. Time things properly here for easy scenarios. You can time this early to get a falling random attack either side or you can fall and land before they wake up so you can play options

SJ.RH causes FS to happen but you don’t get to many options to work with because his FS dash isn’t the best. I really don’t like using his sj.rh because of his limited options.
FSD’s off launchers:*

s.lp, launcher,,, sj.lp web ball, sj.lp, sj.fp, land.

From that you can play cross up, tick throw, instant overhead bs etc…

s.lp, launcher,,, sj.lp web ball, sj.lp, sj.fp, land,,

This is an FSD break using his Your opponent doesn’t recover to call his assists as he barely pops up so you get to play the same tricks as above just a bit faster.

s.lp, launcher,,, sj. lp web ball, magic series, land, rejump.

You don’t have to finish off with the rejump. You can play cross up here or use an AA for options.

s.lp, launcher, call tron, immediate air dash opposite side, sj.lp, smacks them into tron and again more dumb things to do. Dash under, 1-3 hit overhead games etc…

Alot of things to work with

air to air:

He has no attacks that extend vertically unfortunately air to air. They’re all horizontal or extending below him in some type of angle. So to gain the best advantages for his priority on normals, attack down on someone or stay on the same horizontal plane.

NJ for NJ, he has,, j.fp, tron rings hit and iirc, a launcher combos on certain characters and its height dependent. None the less, iirc all the rings hit clean so this is a half life CH and your using his double action to perform your CH. So if they don’t jump, you’re not entirely fucked.

If they don’t jump, tron is still out there. If she causes a pin after you’ve done your, you can still air dash, early cancel and get a cross up. Even if they block the cross up, depending on ranges, you can get a sandwhich leaving tron safe if you attack right with spidey.

Beefy combos:

air dash overhead, sj.fp, land, dash, s.rh, sjc, immediate air dash early cancel, sj.lp,, sj.fp, land, FSD setups.

air dash overhead, sj.fp, land, dash, s.rh, call tron, srk+lp, causes otg flip stun into all 3 tron rings you can finish off the combo safely, or go for a cross up., s.rh, call tron is a 3 piece combo. So you can use that 2 piece chain into tron as a hit confirm

some combo+tron, into MS or web throw is going to nuke characters clean.,, s.rh, call tron, sj.fp, doesn’t cause FS to happen but will smack the point character right into all 3 tron rings. As your falling you get a magic cross up. Theres a dope cross up in this setup. As your falling after you’ve already smacked the opponent into tron rings, you can fall right ontop of the opponents head making for an ambgious or cross up. I forgot to mention that sometimes, you can catch the opponent in this setup before they land and get a chance to call their assists. If this hits, you get a free re jump series. So you could probably do something like falling pkp, opponents body is still in the air but barely off the ground,,, sj lp web ball, falling kpk, 2nd rejump series.

weird spidey shit:

There is something really wrong with his fp throw. If you throw someone with spidey and try to hit them the instant they recover, it goes through them. Don’t know if its of any use yet or if its going to back fire on him for trying it. I gotta mess around with it tomorrow.

Spidey IS unblockable. You can play games with assists that visually block out parts of the screen like Commando or Blackheart AA. My brother plays Spidey/Akuma/Commando exclusively-- it’s pretty much Team Random Cross-up. He’s fun to play with because he doesn’t follow the Marvel scene at all, but learned the game his own way. He played Spidey/Akuma from day one I think, and added CapCom after I started learning Team Duc, Magnetos, and top-tier stuff. The thing is-- he doesn’t even Guard Break or Guard Cancel, or even know what that means, and he’s still beast.

At any rate, at some point I need to just start taking the Commando hit…


I’m fiddling with Spidey/Tron atm. You prolly already know about Tron+HP grab, HK, air combo, but Tron+HK grab also seems useful. Spidey picks them up, Tron comes out, Spidey throws them into one ring. Only the first Tron ring does damage, but the rest pin for your next jump-in or overhead, or you can re-throw nearly instantly. Its weird looking.

edit: ^doesn’t work on everybody.

That early cancel, tri-jump dash is really hard. Joo’s data lists “Sky D” recovery frame at 17 and “Triangular Flying” at 11. I figure Sky D = Air Dash, so I think you have wait 17 frames before your early cancel opportunity. I guess it could be at frame 11, but I’ve taken Triangular Flying to mean Wall Jump based on some of his other character data (i.e. Wolvie, Strider, Marrow have “Triangular Flying” frames listed). At any rate, to get that first cancel it feels like there’s only a couple frame window.

assist punish:

damn… thats all I can say for one of his assists punishments.

spideys trip is like a 25% screen poke so trip+tron is going to be ok. @ max range, tron rings don’t even combo so try to get it around 20% screen.

df.fp+tron is 40% life + juggle options.

df.fp+tron, sj.lp, fall, pkp, land, normal jump,,, nj.fp + tron is like 95% life with in the span of a few seconds.

and this is why I play marvel :rofl:

df.fp+tron, MS hold fwd. Tron rings combo on the assist clean so you’re guaranteed your 40% right there. However, this gives him just stupid options. Mr. phelps posted up that MS on assists hit unblockable sometimes and this is true. I’ve been slowly trying to figure this out but haven’t quite yet but I did discover something new about it. When you hold fwd after the MS, spidey goes off the wall behind the point character then goes flying around. Going off the wall first seems to give you a better chance for an unblockable BUT it lets him recover after MS and behind the character instantly. He just plops onto the ground behind the opponent and he gets free rush down strings.

So its an assist punish, into an unblockable that might hit and if the unblcokable doesn’t work, its a rush down string. Its still glitchy as of now but hopefully its tweakable to the point where its consistent or @ least safe.

extra air dash layers:

ok so you probably already know about his extra action in the air. What you want to do is do jupfwd+lk over your opponent. If the opponent blocks this, hit confirm + tron for rush down sequences. BUT if the opponent doesn’t make contact with you, wait for spidey to turn around then air dash towards the way you jumped from. Then you do early cancel+tron @ the same time. His air dash actually lets him get away with that and its rather useful.

Assists like tron for the most part come out the way you’re facing. So if you NJ air dash over someone, spidey gets pretty far away from your opponent but he’s not facing them. This means spidey can swing full screen, call his assists and have it be practically safe because of the sand which.

this shit is disgusting:china:

mini offense

I didn’t test this yet WITH FS properties but as of now it works outside of FS.,, c.rh, wait and call tron, sj immediate FP. The tron call is done as late as possible before he SJ’s.

This smacks them into tron rings clean but this leaves your opponent still in the air as spidey is coming down.

If you hold fwd after FP, you’ll land on one side of the opponent. If you hold back, you’ll land on the other side. So this creates an air 50\50. Your opponent has no choice other than to just block this. He can’t call his assists just yet because he’s still recovering in the air from the combo. Something else I’ve noticed with spidey is that he can both sides of the opponents sprite from 1 side. I think this is called an original side crossup. So not only is it 50\50 both sides, but it has the possibility to hit either side @ will for an original side cross up. The easiest way to get this is have spidey be in the middle of their and ontop of their head. You don’t have to figure out which way to block, all you gotta do is throw the moves out and let marvel decide which side to put it on.

If you land a hit, spidey is so close to the ground that he gets a free rejump series. So you do your air 50\50, land,,, sj TK web ball,, sj.fp. This creates LOW FS and allows spidey to be on top of your opponent instantly upon wake up for all of his options. Instant overhead, tick throw, 1-3 hit overhead strings, go low any of which is going to do 50% life with tron back into another position for more life.

As of now, I’ve only found 2 spidey teams that suits my idea of proper team chemistry which he seems to be lacking. Spidey\cyke ron and spidey\charlie ron. I know that charlie AA misses crouchers but it is an AA projectile and you can use normals to make up for it and combine that with a little defense and you got a pretty good AA game going on.

spidey\charlie ron:

spidey on point: there’s nothing too amazing here. I haven’t found a way to combo in his web ball from charlie AA but having charlie AA on the team allows for spidey to have the team function I like. The dhc’s from spidey’s combo super does a fair amount of damage. Behind tron, its probably like 120 ish which is roughly 80% life on cable. Safe dhc’s into sonic boom super.

charlie on point: again, nothing too amazing. Use tron and let spidey heal up. Typical charlie ron game.

spidey\charlie don’t have that team chemistry but they can work together a little. I have both characters on AA so if tron goes, either charlie\spidey can try to do something. Primarily, you never want to use spidey AA because it has no invincibility or great priority. Mainly its an alpha counter tool and imo, its his best alpha counter if you can anticipate a hit properly.

Everyone at the arcade me and my friend used to go to agreed that whatever spiderman can do, cammy can do better, is this true or should we all shut up and continue scrubing it up? :wonder:

Anything Cammy can do, Spidey can magically cross-up with.

Spidey doesn’t know where his hitboxes are at. Adds a dimension Cammy can’t offer. Keep reading this guys posts though-- Shoult nuggets is like soap for scrubs. You might learn something… :tup:

spidey and cammy are 2 different types of characters. Spidey can do a lot of things better than cammy and vice versa. For one, spidey’s assist kill is something that cammy really can’t fuck with.

IMO, once spidey gets that scenario where he can set up his entire offense up, I can’t imagine who could block that shit consistently. Like ECzangief said, spidey doesn’t know where his hit boxes are @, so all you gotta do is swing and you’ll more than likely shit a random crossup out and go into option tree where he wrecks shop for free.

i’ve been showing a lot of love to spidey recently and he’s really progressing. He’s pretty hard to play as and 10x as hard to master but he’s 2 hit kill on a character with the proper setups.

when you want to a NJ, air dash and get some ground, don’t cancel it out. Let it ride all the way through but the point where he has upfwd momentum, hit lk. This creates his double action sequence. So you can block after a NJ full screen web swing.

from the proper heights, I think spidey has the furtherest reaching air dash in the game. Going 1.5 screen lengths because of arc on his air dash.

overhead sequences:

IMO, the only sequences that matter are those vs crouching characters.

3 piece overhead string is KPK. You can’t follow it up with a dash because the hit stun isn’t long enough but if you’re in deep,,, s.rh is guaranteed.

his 2 piece is\lp, sj.fp. This can be followed up with a dash into w\e you want to do. He also can do lk, lp as a 2 hit string but that can’t be followed it with a dash.

his **single overhead strings for the most part will probably revolved around sj.rh. Good range and still crosses up. You can also throw in either a sj.lp or
keep away:
spidey has pretty solid keep away with his web ball shit.

It is possible to late TK a web ball and have spidey AD immediately afterwards. For a NJ game, I’m finding that j.rh, cancel LP web ball is pretty effective. J.rh has stupid priority.

For the most part, the LP web ball doesn’t hold them long enough to actually combo but thats ok. When you combine your zone with tron, the LP web ball can make contact, then drop them into tron rings easy. If they decide to do a helper punish on your tron, MS that ass. Right now, his unblockable MS is pretty damn random but I believe it in it and it works more frequently than you thought it would.

Also, this can setup up his mixup game up easy. Say you do a late TK lp web ball and you air dash immediately after it. Then the late TK lp web ball makes contact so that means spidey is on his way to rush down. If they block it, you can wiff quick and counter call or call your tron first then rush.

When you combine his keep away game with his full screen NJ dash, call tron. It opens up his game. His air dash is pretty damn long, going like 1.25 screen lengths.
getting out of the corner:** Mixup actually gave me this idea today. Say spidey gets stuck in the corner and if you air dash, its pretty easy to get him if your opponent can recognize it. You can try doing his his wall dash trick and getting off the wall in that particular angle.

spidery guy is too much

Hey Shoult, what’s slot three looking like for your Spidey team? Still Charlie?

I’ve been lookin into that question myself>


Spidey’s HP Throw will drop them into Doom Rocks, HK, sj pkp, HP, (More Rocks), HP web-ball. Or Maximum Spider. For some reason I always start with Throw chemistry with low tiers. I don’t like to have to think a lot, so if I’m in close I like Assist+Throw no-brainer action.

Doom rocks will obviously make it easy for Spidey to gain ground and set up some cross-ups. I wish I could post the video, but for the life of me I can’t remember where I saw it-- I think it was Mexican low tier stuff. At any rate I saw this vid where Spidey/Doom did something like Launch+Doom, LK, HP, land other side while they hit Doom, relaunch, repeat. Wacky reset “infinite”.


I absorbed most of this playing my little brother, who can still beat my top tiers seemingly whenever he wants with Spidey/Akuma/CapCom.

Again, good HP throw plus assist stuff. AFAIK its free launcher after the Corridor connects.

Commando assist is a strange one to use for rushdown, but I’m seeing more and more Magnetos doing it, and Spidey is looking more and more like a low tier Mag in terms of mobility/resets every time you post up. Spidey can low sj air-dash, or nj x-up under the cover of CapCom assist for stupid mixups. There’s absolutely no way to reaction block Spidey in the first place, so physically covering up his sprite just adds to the insanity. It’s like the Ruby ghost DHC out-- marvel bein dumb.

Obvious immediate plus is the AA coverage you get. DHC potential is decent going from Spidey to Commando but not great.

I thought I had a few more characters, but I that’s it. Just a couple cents.

First off, I picked up spidey just to mess around w\ him. Eventually I realized that he had some pretty damn good shit going on and I would make him into my low tier tournament character so picking a character like doom as a 3rd would probably be out of the question. Thats primarily the only reason I’m not picking spidey\doom but I have thought about spidey\doom team combo’s before. Its a different team chemistry than spidey ron.

Also, I want to follow the my idea of proper team chemistry. I need my point, spidey, I need an AA that can also create a safe dhc on block as well as a dhc in on hit that did solid life, charlie\cyke, and I needed damage output and pin time to create my offense ala tron. I’ve pretty much ran through the list of characters in marvel and IMO, there’s only 2 spidey tron teams that work. Spidey\charlie ron and spidey\cyke ron and for a low tier tourney, cyke is pretty much out of the question. You might even be able to get away with spidey\sent ron only because sent is god like.


This shit is broke!!!

i’ll fill it out later.

aside from basic team dynamics that semi suffer, it gives spidey what he needs.

any over head string or hit confirms for following::, s.rh, call psy, sjc the s.rh, AD, immediate cancel lk

this will put spidey immediately on the other side of the opponent upon landing. You can also adjust the timing and land front side. Just for a little ambgiouity to his mixup game.
**,, call psy, njupfwd+lk,, j.fp**

kinda stole it from djb13 but its really useful. The NJ FP gives spidey a bounce hit. From here, you can dash under directly underneanth their sprite and s.rh for a random side hit or you can dedicate and dash all the way underneath them and cross them up. You can even use this setup to tick, jupfwd. If they do anything call tron or call psy and rush down.
**,, call psy, njupfwd+lk, wait till opponent lands, j.rh. or 1-3 hits overhead strings. **

a hit confirm into an immdediate crossup. Spidey gets double action in the air. The jupfwd+lk will put them towards the ground and upon landing, spidey’s j.rh will crossup. If the j.rh crosses up, dash in,, s.rh, call tron late, sj.fp, then you get hits 50\50 falling down switch side attack before the opponent gets to call their assist. This is 90% life after the j.rh crossup and again, you can add ambiguity to it by doing the j.rh crossup frontside by timing it differently. HIs falling down 50\50 is damn near hard to block and probably random so this you can kill a whole character off of this setup.
**,, call psy,,, sj.rh**

a sped up FS. This allows spidey to be instant ontop of his opponent after an FS KD allowing for all of his options to work with.
**,, call psy,,, lp web ball, AD, immediate tri jump attack 1-3 hit strings.**

Just more flavor to use. You can go for a low FS after the web ball or attempt his kpk after ball hits, then you get free mixup as you land.,, call psy, dash under, OTG, delay for forced stand, SJC the, 1-2 hit overhead string, land,, for options

A very weird engine specific combo. After you OTG someone and hit them one more time before they land will cause a forced stand when a light is used. Usually, the game sends them away from the point character but because of the dash under, psylock sprite stops them from flying away and they’re left right next to spidey. Hard to do, harder to block imo.

s.lp, launcher, call psy, sj.lp, fp web ball

its good to have a setup for fp web ball because it has a great hold time. When you land, you can take something easy like, dash in, s.rh, fp DP, MS\web throw or, s.rh, SJC and get mixup strings land call tron for big life or even a double snap scenario.

dashing over+psy

kidna just like magnus but done a little bit differently. Preferbably, you want to be like mid range. Then you NJ AD, The is meant to give you your drop down attack instantly so you can land plus call psylock @ the same time. I already went over the force switch side shit and other moves work as well. Experiment.

snap out game::

with this type of rush down, being able to drop an opponent off one clean setup or just abusing random hit boxes, your opponent will eventually call their assist.

Spidey’s snap out hits mid air and OTG. If you’re no more than half screen, double snaps are free. Follow a double snap with dash in, s.rh, repeat s.rh.

I have more but this is long enough already. Maybe more another time.

The abundance of this kind of weirdness within low tier never ceases to amaze me. Goodshit.

Not bad. I wouldn’t have thought of some of that stuff.

Good job there buddy.

mvc2 needs more spidey players. Yea, he’s nothing short of skillsmith. It seems I always stick myself with these types of characters but his reward imo is beastly.