Do you think this would be usable?

I’m trying to design my next stick properly and have knocked this up in SketchUp. Does it look like it would make a usable stick?

Do you think it’s deep enough at only ~175mm? How about the height of the box? It’s 60mm to the bevel and 69mm in total.

Any comments welcomed, thanks!

Put those start buttons on the back, they’re in prime mashin’ territory.

Otherwise looks pretty good, but I’m not sure about the measurement specifics.

That’s an interesting point, thanks! Not sure if the back would be comfortable for finding them though, maybe the side.

Nice design, looks completely usable. Start buttons do need shifted but thats already been covered. I think I would prefer to see the buttons on the back as well. You could make it so that the button actually sinks slightly into the hole, meaning that it is easier to find (I’ve always been a fan of cases that do this, but thats just personal opinion), I find it leaves a nice clean look to the case from the users perspective.

It just depends what you prefer though, either way thats looking good, how much do you think it will cost to put together?

Looks like it might be rough on the stick hand(depending how you hold it). I mean the sharp angled edge from bevel to plat.

Definitely, that’s actually not quite how it will be but I’ve not figured out curved edges in SketchUp yet :bgrin:

I’ll let you in on a little secret, the edge of the case is actually going to be skirting board that I have left over and sitting in the garage. If 69mm isn’t too high then all I need to do is mitre the corners and not worry about cutting it down so it’s straight all round!

Cost wise, as I say it’s left over skirting board so that’s free, then just the cost of a sheet of plexi & wood (or metal, I haven’t decided yet) and the controls.

If you were doing it from scratch and bought everything it would be roughly 40 for a Sanwa JLF stick and the buttons (over here in the UK) and then the cost of your Plexi and wood, so another 20 perhaps. Not too bad really.

Look up how to use the SketchUp Follow Me tool. It’s the go-to function for all kinds of contours.

I thought it looked a bit similar to skirting boards, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I was thinking of doing something similar as I cant seem to find anybody that is selling empty cases in the UK but I just dont have the time or the tools to make one.

Post some pics up when you start making it, look forward to seeing how it turns out

Looks good, although the stick looks a little far to the left. I’m no fan of having the stick right next to the buttons, but it does look like you’re cutting your self a little short in terms of wrist room. I’d say move the stick about an inch to the right and you should be good to go. Also, as has been suggested, you may want to move the start / select buttons to the back to avoid getting hit by accident.

Thanks, it’s 95mm from the stick to the center of the left-most buttons. I wasn’t sure if I could go closer without it feeling too cramped. What are the measurements of common ones like the HRAPs ?

I plan on using the same hrap setup and its 95mm from the stick to the second column of buttons

The second set? Excellent, thanks :tup:

I’m struggling to think how to mount the buttons on the side without a router, the wood is 16mm thick :confused:

Here’s the final design of my stick (the Start / Select buttons are on the back).

I’ve made the stick a little bigger to increase the play surface to A4. After doing a bit of research I’ve kept the stick 95mm from the first row of buttons. I had a play with a friend’s Soul Calibur IV Hori stick (95mm to second row) and it uses the 2nd row onwards for the main buttons. The stick is too close to the first set to play IMO.