Do you think that in the near future there will be a CVS3?

If street fighter 4 is a success do any of you think it will happen?

awaits Deathscythe


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Same problem as MvC2: What more can they do?

More grooves? More characters? Some balancing? Meh, boring.

IMO, the vs games have painted themselves into a corner. If they announce an MvC3 with 5 person teams and 100+ characters, I’m quitting.


Not unless SNK-Cap renew their agreement or something. I think the last game they made in that fashion was Card Fighters DS.

Dude, MvC3 doesn’t exist because of marvel, not capcom. And I completely agree on the MvC3 with teams like that. But, cvs3 is still a possibility. Unlikely, but possible.

Theres alot of main characters that didnt make an apperance in the cvs series it would be nice if they replace some characters instead of adding.

MVC3 not gonna happen cuz EA got DAT LISCENCE:rolleyes:

How bout we get out priorities straight n concentrate on 1 thing at a time…like getting cvs2 BC on 360:looney:

im happy playing marvel and cvs2 for a few more years

i dont know about other people :rolleyes::rolleyes:

As awesome as a CVS 3 would be I don’t see it happening. The last one had 44 characters for starters. If you start adding more characters then it becomes a big Mugen like mess.

and really the only other thing they can add to a CVS game would be tag ins and assists. Other than that there is not much more they can do.

a second C-Groove different from the first
Megaman-Groove (spikes kill you in one hit)
?-Groove where you have slightly less than half a groove
Same Morrigan sprite

Someone here needs to sneak into Capcom and steal that damn sprite data. Tired of seeing that ugly ass bitch, I’d put her pocket fighter sprite in CvS3 than that ugly mess.

why not replace the characters morrigan for demitri for example aand the list goes on

they can throw in some 3rd strike chars (yang, hugo (who would be funny to see against geif and raiden) gen, adon, ibuki) and some more of the alpha chars in the game. :smiley: maybe add a groove that has alpha countering, ex moves (3S), etc.

I never really got into MvC, but I am a whore for games with hellas of chars.

It’s probably just me, but I actually like some of those alpha sprites, say for instance sagat, vega, blanka, sakura. But chun, and the shoto ones suck.

morrigan sprite scares me.

oo ooo ooo and add Yatogi Tetsu (the black shoto!) as a char!!

uh…c-groove and n-groove had alpha-counter esque moves.


Never happen. Svc2 is far more likely.

you just stole my words

ugh i didnt like svc

They’re actualy going to release These titles in the later part of 2008:
Capcom Fighting Jam 2.
Street Fighter EX 4
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (El Salvador version)
Final Fight Beatwise (a beat-em-up rhythm game)

… seriously.