Do you think HD Remix will ever come out on PC?

Do you think HD Remix will ever come out on PC?

I think it would be good for those who dont have a new gen system or not want to spend the money on one just for this game. :rock:



Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD came out for PC so it’s not like it’s impossible or they haven’t done it before. Stranger things have happened. But it is highly unlikely.

If it did though it would be awesome cause I could finally give up the horrible Playstation network and also be able to play in 4:3 HD.

It has a small chance of coming out on a digital distribution system like Steam. Probably not for awhile though.

I would love a PC version.

Seconded, though I won’t hold my breath.

Dude they have a PC version its a bootleg that i believe you can find online



Depends entirely on how well SFIV sells.

Anyone got any stats? Apparently its doing well :wonder:

Why would it depend on SF4? HDR broke all kinds of XBL distribution records when it launched. If anything, it’s free money if they went to digital distribution for PC.

No not at all, PC market is very different. HDR may have broke records but thatwas XBox and PS3 users, these aren’t the same as PC users. SFIV is good test to see if there is enough interest for SF and more so for fighting games in the PC market. If SFIV does well, expect to see more fighters coming to PC.

I hope Hd Remix comes on PC
Are there any games like HdRemix on Pc?

Sorry to dredge this thread a bit but I just came across this googling and it’s at least only a month old, anyway doing so as I have some relevent information.

I know, I know, these don’t work, well, sometimes they have actually, I think as an example the people who made Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction or something for Gamecube put back in progressive scan support after taking it out due to fan response (though I don’t know if it specifically was from a petition like this site).

In any case, I figure it’s better than nothing and this would be an appropriate place to point this out.

My own personal comment there:

“Not releasing HD Remix would be throwing away (virtually) free money, considering the huge community and the fact that there is already a 360 version which would be extremely easy to port to PC, or mostly done considering the Xbox 360 and PC dev tools are fairly interchangeable, except for some obvious tweaking and testing (probably particularly with the online), not to mention the controller base is well established with the universal nature of the PC and all the recent MadCatz SF IV FightPad/FightStick releases that are also compatible with PC. I’d like to see a Steam release like SF IV myself, I have the game on Xbox 360 and would buy it again on PC, and will buy it again on PS3. I also have SF IV on 360 and will soon be getting again for PC through Steam.”

To the people who said “nope” here, well, how can you know enough to say that? I admit, I wasn’t expecting one to come out before but then when I saw SF IV come out on Steam, it got me to thinking it could, plus, why the hell not?

As for sales success on console being different than on PC, well, a few things, Steam and similar services have been, I believe, highly successful with older/smaller/indy games, or at least fairly successful (ie: profitable). And HD Remix is a game that would sell to the same people on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC for many of them in my opinion, because the game is good and extremely cheap considering the quality and modern appeal of it (in a way it’s not because it’s an old game, but it feels cheap because it feels new now and is “hip” and popular).

Also, ask yourself the question, is their a big playerbase of 2D fighter/fighting game players on PC? The answer I think we know is yes, as evidenced by GPPO, 2DF and all the other emulator play.

So okay, granted, maybe not all of them would pay, but I would think a lot, considering many of them I’m sure have bought controllers to play even if they may not want to buy a 360/PS3, so a cheap game like HD Remix is not a big hurdle, not to mention pretty much anyone on the SRK community would be eligible to be playing it, and I’d think it seems plausible many would.

So having established that a decent playerbase is there, well, on the “PC market is very different/people don’t buy fighting games for PC” general arguement, well, we know there’s a playerbase, you can’t fault them for not buying anything when there hasn’t been anything released to buy (which is a really dumb and obvious waste of market in my opinion). This isn’t the days of yore, everyone has a PC, and their are plenty of decent available control methods out for PC whether it’s the Genesis 6-button USB port retrokit or Saturn USB controllers/modding and various joysticks, but now with the MadCatz FightPads and FightSticks out and all being compatible largely with PC, the support base to be able to play is at least as good as the consoles.

Also I’d point out, SF IV, even if it does well, would actually be in my opinion a far less good judge of PC/Steam sales success than an HD Remix port, because, I paid like $79.99 CDN + tax for the Collector’s Edition of SF IV on my 360 already, spending another $40 for the Steam version will be a bit of an annoying chunk to swallow that I’ve been putting off (hopefully for a decent sale), but paying another $12 for HD Remix would be a comparitively easy/no-brainer just purchase sale for me and I think many others, or people who’ve never bought either for any platform, not to mention, SF 2 with the HD update to make it seem new just has more appeal to a wider base of people than SF IV due to the nostalgia factor, I would think anyway.

Finally, the amount of work put into it as I stated, it’s essentially all but guaranteed to be paid back, I think, by any objective opinion. Since there is an Xbox 360 port, most of the work is already done, knowing a little bit about the programming for it myself and from a friend, basically as I understand it 360/Games For Windows pretty much uses the same codebase and DirectX programming APIs with XNA. So it basically puts most the work at tweaking and testing, perhaps the only real work I believe would be on the networking code. Remember the extra time on the SF IV port equated to them adding in different visual modes and flourishes, but that’s not really an option on HD Remix, there’s not really much else work necessary in the form of goodies (though an unlockable ending theatre would be nice).

Anyway, that’s my (perhaps futile) impassioned plea for a PC port and a link where people could maybe/hopefully add their voice to at least TRY and affect some acknowledgement from Capcom/Backbone (and sorry if perhaps this petition was already posted somewhere earleir on SRK, I didn’t search, but given this is the only google thread I found I assumed not).

HDR is not expected to come to PC. They did not say with certainty that it would never happen (companies with smart PR never do), but the did say it is extreeeeeemely unlikely that it will ever happen, nevermind any time soon. The reason stated was simply that the game’s platform has not yet been ported to PC. It would require a whoooole lot of work just to do that, before even worrying about the game itself and how it’s handled on PC.

The inference here–companies with smart PR never say these kinds of things outright–is that they’re positive that developing a PC version would cost far more than any possible sales revenue it could generate. It would take a unimaginably ridiiiiiculous level of fan noise for them to change their minds on this; their forecast prediction is likely very correct.

I reaaaaally wish I could remember exactly where I read or heard this but I can’t. I’m pretty sure it was from someone like s-kill or Kramez or Sven on Capcom Unity. I’m sure this doesn’t help convince any skeptics that I’m any more credible here but I swear this was a real statement.

My speculation is that the only way they would probably ever bother is if they were planning on doing PC ports of multiple games, all of which run on that same platform. However, as of now, I believe that HDR is the only game that uses it. I dunno, mayyybe the new Marvel port runs on it too? I’m not sure.

So basically it will probably be somehow emulated years from now before they ever release an official PC version.

I would hope it does, but unlikey right now. In my honest opinion, the pc port of SF4 kills the console versions, and to me it has better online. I think if they bring Hdremix out for pc, that would be awesome as the pc requirements wouldnt be that troublesome, and the online would be better too(maybe ggpo).

Well, damn. Not unexpected though as I said, and btw myself I’m not a skeptic of it not coming out I haven’t been expecting it would, it’s just that I was thinking lately I don’t understand why not since they bothered for SF IV.

Also, could you perhaps clarify what you mean by “the game’s platform”, I don’t really understand what you’re talking about there. The reason I theorized it would be fairly cheap is because it was my understanding that XNA was pretty much interchangeable for Xbox and Windows (from what I’d read and a programmer friend of mine who’d done a bit of dabbling in it) since it’s all C++/C# I believe using a lot of the same DirectX calls and the XNA library calls or whatever. I wouldn’t think that HDR would use enough power from the 360 that it would really need much specific lower level-type optimization code, especially since you can keep downloading things while playing it and it’s all 2D.

Anyway, not saying you’re wrong, I really don’t know the details, just wondering what you meant by that, as that seems not to jive with what I knew (or thought I knew at any rate).

Though I guess being on 360 doesn’t necessarily need to use XNA perhaps if you don’t want to? You’d think that’d be easier though, but then again I guess if it was as (relatively) easy as I was thinking/saying they wouldn’t have cancelled the Alan Wake PC port.

Uhm, I don’t really know or understand the specifics myself, I’m just sort of regurgitating something I saw in the past. They probably didn’t use the word “platform,” anyway; I couldn’t remember exactly which word they used and I was struggling to come up with a decent replacement. :lol:

I’m going to try and find whatever it was that I read again.

EDIT: booyah me and google you know how we roll

XNA is basically a beginner’s toolset from Microsoft to make games on Xbox and PC. Vanishingly few “real” games actually use it, and HD Remix isn’t one of them.

Ah, thanks for the link deadfrog, and again, damn. Thelo yeah that may be true but it is an Xbox Live Arcade game of fairly low scale (aside from the art budget) so I don’t see why they couldn’t use it, aside from the networking.