Do you think Chris... (story related, if you're a gameplay freak stay away)

…is tapping Jill Valentine’s ass? Especially in her primary costume her alternate isn’t as good and i try to look down the skirt on the model viewer but can’t see anything.

Is he?

mod edit: Infracted.

What do you think helps him get through these fights with super natural beings? Imagining Jill in a thong, telling her to “suck it” and “eat this”

Dat troll.

No, because he is a fictional character.

Some girls in this forum need to get their arcade stick out of their ass and lighten up.

For your sake.

If you aren’t interested i don’t see the need to comment, are you trying to boost your post count? We don’t need you here nor do i care about your posts, so you can kindly leave the thread and/or put me on your ignore list. GOODBYE!

-----> NEXT!

Or you can just stop pretending to be a 12-year-old idiot, or if you are one, actually mature a little before you click that new thread button, and save mods the hassle of deleting your inane threads.