Do you plink for two frames links?

I find plinking a really useful technique and I always use it when trying to perform a 1 frame link, although i find harder to cancel the plinked normal into a special attack because I have dumb fingers :sweat:

So to avoid messing up the cancel into special, I dont use plinking when performing 2 frame (or more) links.

I wonder… do you always use plinking no matter how many frames the link is, or do you just use it when performing 1 frame links?

All of it. It’s just easier for me to do it for everything.

yup in most cases

less chances of dropping it spesh online

I don’t know which of my links are 1 frame and which are 2, so I just plink everything.

I generally only plink the 1 framers.

I don’t even always plink either.

I started plinking more often now because I’ve been using Rose and all she has are one-frame links, lol. I mostly just plink the one-frame links and double-tap everything else.

double-tapping is better than plinking for a 2 frame link (assuming you are proficient with both methods of input assistance) but if you can’t double-tap very well then plinking is always better than nothing at all

Can anyone give me some examples of any two-frame link combos? I can’t think of any. I’ll be surprised if I’ve been plinking for two-link combos the entire time.

cr.lp> is a 2 frame link for chun.

yeah, i plink it… there is no reason not to… plus it makes her ex legs buffer from the easier.


Oh okay. I double-tap that combo. Since it’s a two-frame link, is it considered a chain?

… links arent chains… if a link were chainable it would cease to be a link…
for instance cr.lpx3 is a chain.
however cr.lpx2 > cr.lp.

is a chain and then a link. the reason for the link is so that the last cr.lp can be canceled… ie rogs cr.lpx2> cr.lp xx headbutt combo… cant be done if all of the weak attacks are done in rapid fire order.


Yeah, but I was asking if Chun-Li’s c.LP > c.MK combo is considered a chain. Which it should be, because it’s not a one-frame link, right?

No. A chain is defined by one normal move canceling another. In SF4 they made up the term “target combos” for them, but it also applies to chars that can mash jab or whatever. So Ken’s mp-hp, all the dudley chains, etc.
Links are when you start with a normal that causes enough hitstun that once that first normal is done animating you have enough advantage to do another (usually specific) normal. The difficulty of the link doesn’t make it a link, it’s the idea of canceling.

Oh, okay. Thanks for clearing that up for me, konkrete.

Like the OP I’m having a lot of trouble cancelling at the end of plinked combos. I main Ryu and practice doing, cr.lp, which I can hit consistently, but as soon as I try to add a light kick tatsu I get a 3 hit combo then a standing light kick at the end. The input display says I did d,db,b + light kick and yet still I get a standing kick instead of a tatsu. I can cancel in the regular way with regards to into hado/tatsu/srk/super but adding the preceding plink inputs results in no special at the end. I can even do -> tatsu/hado etc but I’m struggling with the full combo.

I plink 2 framers. If you think you “don’t need” to plink to make your combos come out, wait until you’re in top 8 of a tourney or something

I dont even plink. I double tap everything. Only thing id say worth plinking if anything at all are 1 frame links. 2 frames are cake, but then again that could be different for you.

Is there anyone here that can plink using a pad and not stick?

I can plink on a pad

but i choose not to use plinking at all

Does it feel awkward to you at all? I just discovered how to plink, but I have to change how my right hand holds the controller in order to pull it off.