Do you mash Abel's rekka?

Just a simple question. Wondering if anyone else does this. I’ve been playing since console release. I do all of his combos/ ultra setups with no problem outside of F+MK S.HP. Plinking definitely raised my success ratio on that one. Just so I don’t sound like a complete scrub. I was playing as usual and i had to laugh at the fact that I do all these advanced combos and still hold forward and mash a punch button during CoD.

Lol I mash it too, well I press the button like 2 or 3 times per hit just to make sure I hit it.

I counted once. I press punch 14 times to do three rekka’s.

There’s no loss of control though, I can still stop it at either 1 (close), or 2(far) to make it semi-safe.

I play a little bit of Abel, so let me offer some of my insight.

Mashing is definitely the easier route, I used to do this however for some reason my focus cancels after the first rekka would only come out fifty-fifty. I then learned the exact timing for each of the three hits of the rekka and now Abel’s first hit COD focus cancel —> whatever is 100 percent spot on. If mashing for rekka works for you then that is absolutely alright. However, by learning the exact timing of the COD it feels as if my execution is a bit sharper.

i tried pressing each COD on time and found it harder than actually landing the fmk to s. hp or even COD FADC to c.hp

just mash it, im good enough to know when i need to stop :chat:

Fuck yeah i mash, i don’t want to mistime it and eat some stupid reversal.

Whenever I use Abel I mash this out, however I don’t use Abel very often.

Yes!!! like mash button!!! Abel mash! Abel strong! (copyright: Hulk ^^)

Seriously, as the above Canadian said, 14 times is a must :smiley:

able was the first character I tried when I play sf4 at the arcade for the first time and I could not get his rekka’s to finish for the life of me. I was tapping forward and punch at all different times trying to get that shit to come out with precise precision. Then I started mashing and it came out every time. I think my problem was I was looking for hit confirmation first before I hit the next forward punch. But then I picked up bison and never looked back.

They made the timing for hitting it once strange. I did without mashing ONCE. I hit each punch button a little after it hit. Probably not worth the time to learn it though. Oh and DaDesiCanadian has me beat. I only mash about 2-3 times per hit.

I mash. I am not great at FADC yet, so landing a cr. HP after one isn’t something I can reliably pull off (ie. never). I should count how many times I push it. You should see the undignified flailing I do when I try to knock out Fei Long’s rekkas.