Do you like Team Sp00ky?

Have fun. I expect this to go somewhere, if not I’ll be a sad mod THEN PROLLY BAN SOMEONE.

Here’s one to get you started. No, I didn’t do it, somebody in stream chat did. Shoutouts to whoever that was.

I’m new at this shit AND lazy.

i made it :slight_smile:

Come on, I know we still have some PS “artists” out there. Don’t tell me IMM has turned into a bunch of bums that only spam ass and titty pics.


I’m pretty sure it’s because no one likes you, Brooke Shields. You should delete this thread and ask Quiche to start it.

wow that’s funny.

shiiiiit nice photoshop :tup:

And like clockwork. I’d say something about certain recent RL things happening but I won’t go there. I did tell you so, though. Stay free, etc. :coffee:

Lol. Recent real life events from a guy that met me once 2 years ago. Okay, Ms. Cleo.