Do you have hair sticking out of your ass crack?

Recently I became increasingly conscious of the hair sticking out of my ass crack.
It’s gotten really long and I can even feel it sometimes when i wipe my ass.
It’s not a lot of hair, maybe like 10 strands.
I haven’t looked at it, but I have felt it, the longest hair probably sticks out 1-2 inches.
I mean, you can’t shave ass hair and they probably just get longer and longer over time…

Anyone else have hair sticking out of their ass crack?


What have you been doing with your life?

Magnetix is that you?

If this were MagnetiX this would be about penis hair.

And someone’s other than his own.

That he got to chew on.

And it’s totally not gay he’s just open to it.

Shaving it won’t make it grow back any differently than it was in the first place.

Not that I know that from experience or anything.

I have hairs in my ears and on my knuckles, so probably, but it doesn’t prevent the poo from coming out so I think I will be OK.

…if that answers your question.

Why would you shave it?
That is where the flavor lives.


And is useful sometimes when in one of those diarrhea days.

Scissors. (Highly Recommended Bandage Scissors if you have, with the curve tip.)

Reach back there grip a hair or how many your comfortable with, with one hand. Then have the scissors in the other while pushing your ass cheek to the side with the hand your gripping hair with to give a safe passage for the scissors. An start snipping away to the desired length.

Recommend cutting them on the regular. Reason is if you have too much hair down there… Dingleberrys will build up easier and hang on tighter cause of the amount of hair… No matter how good you wipe your ass.

An dats just some dirty shit.



As a mexican, yes.

I remember reading a long ass forum post about a guy who shaved his ass on a whim, and the hilarity that ensued through out the day. IMO don’t do it.

I don’t know how many people have this issue. Or do most people just not notice / let it grow?

And how often do you cut? Don’t they just grow back faster the more you cut them?

WTF is wrong with you guys.

Body hair is nasty.

Yup. And sometimes I get dingleberries.

^^Should probably be your main concern when you have ass hair.

So I assume you shave a lot?


No, this is all the more reason for him to do it, and then tell us about it.

I remembered the same thing and that was years ago. I remember in the end he regret shaving all the hair on his ass. He wasn’t the same afterwards.