Do you guys think Michael Jackson is singing on the newly released song Breaking News

Now, this song which has been recently causing controversy over the fact whether or not Michael even sings on it. La Toya Jackson and his two kids said he in fact doesn’t sing on the track. Sony on the other hand is saying he does sing on the track. I’m 50/50 on it myself. Some parts sound like him. Here is the source for the two TMZ stories.

La Toya Jackson: That’s Not Michael’s Voice on ‘Breaking News’ |

Sony to Katherine Jackson: You’re Wrong About MJ |

read some article that vocal experts say it is. plus no offense to them kids…i trust nothing that say while under mama and papa jacksons influence.

fuck no its tupac duh

Hey man go check the MJ forums. Most of them are saying its not his vocals either. One report I read was about 5 of the tracks on the new album Michael are fake like this one.

Shit don’t sound like him. Voice too deep. Nice use of a couple of his old vocal samples in the hook to try to convince us.

They ripping his voice from interviews, old concerts, and “This is it” to create a huge soundboard.