Do you consider turbo button use cheating?

I do and I don’t get why they create arcade sticks with it built in.

They create them because not everybody is into fighting games on the competitive level.

I consider them cheating against a human being. I have no respect for somebody who even uses a 3K or 3P macro, even on pad… A turbo button is an even worse form of cheating.

I’ve used them though for kicks in casuals… but I wouldn’t use them for practicing or playing in an actual match.

The turbo is as Mixah said is probably for the casual even though I can only see a few instances in fighting games where it would be worth it(games with mash meters) and for games like shumps that dont have auto fire so you reduce the carpal tunnel inducing motion

sticks are also used for more than just fighting games =)

There are games other than fighting? (and starcraft… I’m korean)

Turbo buttons are plenty useful in fighters and yes it is fucking cheating.

They are useful and depending on which ones you’re into, necessary for shmups.

Brazil uses them on GGPO all the time.

On fighting games, yes.

Rapid fire is essentially a primative programable controler, so yes it is cheating competetively in my eyes…

who the hell voted no?

If your voting, EXPLAIN YO SELF!!!

I use 3K and 3P because I can’t do them for shit on pad :frowning:

No turbo though and hopefully I’ll get a stick next year so I’ll say goodbye to 3P and 3K.

I don’t see the point of it in fighters. You get what moves with it? Lightning Kicks and Hundred Hands, and that’s pretty much it.


How about reversals and throws, for example?

and you escape throws, mash harder on throws, in games like marvel you more damage all day without earning it…

think, THINK!

imagine gief as well

block, hold down turbo while in block stun, spin that fucking stick! SPIN IT!
reversal SPDs for free?

For fighting games? yes, for others i dont know… is somewhat useful for Shooters, but someone sure will say that this is also a cheat.

for shooters, it’s a matter of the health of your wrists… it’s not cheating… it’s smart.

Doesn’t work with some games like DDP and Mars Matrix.

It depends on the game. A lot of older games it is not especially hard to fire rapidly, but like Mixah said, it’s more for health reasons. But for example in Truxton, firing rapidly is hard with the red weapon, so rapid fire is usually not allowed in that, because if it was, the other two weapons (which do not require pressing the button rapidly) would be useless.

DDP has rapid fire but you don’t need turbo on a controller for it. You just go into the dip switches and turn on the 3rd C button for full-auto of the primary shot. All Cave games have that option. But you name is radiantsilvergun03 so you probably knew that.

For some games rapid fire gets crazy. For example, in the first Mushihime, they seperate runs with and without rapid fire, and the top socring runs use a 6 button setup with 1 bomb button, 1 main shot, and 4 different speeds of rapid fire.

well, yeah, obviously not those games… but you’re also not mashing like crazy in those.