Do tournies usually have such expensive attendance fees?

I was looking at the Canada Cup website and it said that was $50. Do majors usually cost so much to attend, even simply for spectating (competing usually costs $10-$15 per game from what I’ve seen).

EDIT: Thanks for the answers guys!

spectating is generally free. For huge majors like devastation, canada cup, evo…etc. the registration is $50-75. and 10-15 a game.

So does the registration for these majors only apply to those competing or to all attendees? My friend lives in Calgary and wants to go to Canada Cup, but I’d hate for her to waste the bus trip to the hotel if she’s going to have to pony $50 or so at the door to get in.

What tourneys that can be considered to be “majors” has been abused to ridiculous extents; Canada cup is the biggest tourney in Canada and while the attendance wouldn’t be as big as the biggest non-EVO US tourneys they have invited a ridiculous amount of top class players from around the world. $50 is not unreasonably high for a tourney of its size. In comparison Season’s Beatings which invited a lot less international players costed $35. SoCal Regionals and NEC which are big tournies coming up are costing $40 for late registration, so you are paying $10 more for more international players.

Registration fee only applies for competitors, some tourneys charge attendee fees but Canada Cup doesn’t if I am not wrong.

You should just ask Canada Cup. A couple of places have started waiving fees for females as well.
Most tournaments don’t have a spectator fee unless the venue’s limited in the number it can hold (from anticipated attendance) - thus needing to limit people.
I’d be led to believe the same applies here.

I’d consider something a ‘major’ if there are any one of:

  1. A good number of international players
  2. A fair mix of high level American east coast and west coast competitors
  3. Everyone in the surrounding states/provinces/countries of the venue will most likely attend

And satisfies:
4) Is not a weekly that is generally local (Guard Crush, WNF, Starbase)

But anyhow, the definition isn’t something to hang tournament fees for.

Registration is only if you want to participate and for special events going on at the tournament. I.E. You had to be registered for EVO this year to play the (at the time) current build of Tekken Tag 2.

Usually anything hosted at a hotel or other large venue that the tournament staff needs to rent out is going to cost anywhere from $30-50 venue fee, although I haven’t really heard of any tournaments charging venue fees to spectators.

It should encourage you to not just go to majors and check out more local regular tournaments!

Most local events I have seen at small card shops, lan centers, churches, and usually have a venue fee of 5 to 15 with the entry fee being about the same. Larger events can have entries anywhere from $25 to $50+. If there is a spectator fee it is usually $10 to $20 dollars. I think the reason for the spectator fee is because there is very little you can do to make sure that spectators are simply spectating instead of maybe doing money matches or friendlies. Using the systems provided by the TO requires a cost. I don’t think spectators should be charged but I can kind of see why it is done. There are cost to be paid and even though spectators may or may not be usings the setups they are still benifiting from the event.

As far as your current situation goes, I am not really sure. Usually host are very friendly and respond to messages quickly. I would just contact the organizers and ask them if they are charging for spectators.

Is $10 high to the general gamer for these? I know I was thinking on charging to $10 for one of my tournaments because rental fees are higher on the weekend for the place where I want to host it. I asked one guy how he would feel about it and he said “Damn!”. One guy also told me that $6 venue fee and a $6 game entry fee is kind of high too, so I’m just confused.

I would say 10 dollars is a reasonable price for venue cost, but in truth it really depends on what gamers in your area are willing to pay. In my area for the longest 10 was the standard price then some lower level players mentioned that they would go more often if the price was 5/5. So they started running 5 dollar tournaments and that became popular for a while. As a TO I think it is fair for you to try to make back your cost so if you need 10 dollar venue to cover cost then I would go for it if you think enough people will come for that price. It really breaks down to break even point and supply and demand. Only you can calculate what price will work best for not only the community but for you as well.