Do tournaments usually use PS3 or 360?

Which do tournaments usually play on?

Depends on the tournament

It can go either way

At this point i’d say it’s like almost 50-50 maybe a lil in xbox’s favor but some will disagree with me i’m sure.

Check your tournaments before you go to them, I’ve seen mostly 360 (actually, all but one) but there have been a few PS3 ones slip by me.

In big tournaments like EVO, they usually go with the PS3 because the Xbox 360 over-heat and RROD, but during local tournaments, it’s usually a 50-50, some use PS3, some use Xbox 360.

Evo used PS3 because they had a bunch from when they ran Tekken 5:DR

At least that’s what I heard

I heard they were sponsored by Sony.

Seems we have quite a mix of ideas here.

Did you hear that in a stream chat

The last, and only tournament I’ve ever attended had something like a 5:1 ps3 to 360 ratio.

You know what I’ve noticed a lot? Tournaments using PS3 for tekken but then they have xbox for SF4. Why is that?

ps3 is evo standard.