Do the japanese have a concept of cheap?

On xbox live if you dont control a good opponent from the outset, ANYTHING could happen, this environment demands excellence and careful play. I have to learn ALL my anti air moves because if my opponent gets in ONCE, iam as good as dead. Having to deal with that in EVERY game is demanding and accelerates the leveling up process.

Ive never been in an arcade like xbox live, tick throws were even frowned upon in ST tournaments back in the day.

I get the impression that the japanese arcades may be the only arcades in the world where anything goes.

Thats a good question. I doubt they do. They probably just keep playing and remain silent.

I heard from a friend that fights break out in arcades over there a lot, not all the time but cheapness does get some people riled up. Tekken and Virtua Fighter specifically I heard.

here is an example:


Ask Art about the time some japanese player threw a lit cigarette in his eye.

AHa! Thats Great!
That person had a 91% win ratio >.<

what happen with that? What game was it?


Don’t remember exactly. I just remember him mentioning that in a podcast some time back.

They play to win, but it’s not like they don’t get frustrated over cheap tactics. I remember Nuki telling a story of when he first met Daigo, and was puzzled by how he’s able to enjoy playing such a cheap-ass playstyle(I think he was playing ST Guile? I forget).

Couldn’t of been said any better.

I don’t care how good of a player you are, there are tactics that are lame as hell and annoying. That goes for the Japanese as well as Americans. That in no way lessens the value of the win, but playing against stuff like that is frustrating, I don’t care what anyone says.

hahaha yea I know what you mean. It’s like when it’s happening your like “I can’t believe this is happening, he won’t do it again” and the he does it again. A lot of those tactics are very unexpected sometimes and require fast adapting. very funny stuff. I am pretty sure we are responsible for doing some cheap tactic to someone. Like when I play tekken and the opponent has low health i keep jabbing 1 and they block and it keeps bouncing, they eventually try to get out of it and get hit. K.O.

When I was in the military and was stationed in Japan the only thing I noticed was that they didn’t like losing to me and a buddy. Some poor sap got dumped by his girlfriend in front of his boys after I came back with Terry down 2-0 against his orochi team in 2k2.

But hey. Everyone went after everyone out there. Win or lose I’d bow and say thanks/good game and they’d do the same. I’d say it is the same as in the states. There’s sportsmanship (at least I make it a point to say gg after a game, otherwise they don’t here), there just always gonna be your salty dudes.

In fighting games it was always pretty crazy. But for games like Virtual ON Oratorio Tangraam and Virtual ON FORCE matches were intense but there wasn’t any real animosity.

DDR with drunken Japanese is hilarious. Watching dudes pull out no miss runs in shmups or having them watch me while I try to survive in shmups was cool though.

damn, sounds like great times. I would join the army in heartbeat if I got to be stationed out there.

Are you saying online… or like, back back in the day at a tournament like B series, MWC, ECC, Texas showdown. Cause nothing was frowned upon back in the day at ST tournaments… your speaking tournaments. Don’t confuse ‘house rules’ at local arcade gatherings.

Iam talking the the mid 90’s and the UK’s first ST tournament, i went with a few guys from my local arcade (including ryan ‘prodigal son’ hart). Unspoken rules were, no tick throws, no counter picking, no turtling, basically dont be desperate to win.

Because of this BS ive taken 14yrs to level up lol.

I am talking about the UK’s first ST tournament in the mid 90’s, my local arcade including ryan hart attended. Anything which showed a desperation to win was frowned upon.
I once had a fight because a guy thought guiles crouching fierce was too strong, i mean a vicious fight over guiles normals…

Wow thats a shame. Its a tournament, not a local arcade. Ya’ll should’ve went all out regardless… if its a tourny there is rep/money on the line. I would not pay to join only to be limited.

As far as japanese… I think they have the same type style. Certain arcades may have lil house rules but tourny time be prepared for anything.