Do PS-14-P Buttons Fit in the Madcatz Fightsticks?

A friend of mine wants to mod his fightstick and apparently doesn’t know what the internet is, so I told him I’d ask on here, since I wasn’t 100% sure myself.

You will find all the answers the the questions you want to know about joysticks and buttons in “The essential joystick thread” thats a sticky on the top of the tech forums listing.


Yes, I’ve modded mine with PS-14-P’s.

its a legit question. wasnt there a batch of ps-14-g that wouldnt fit into the stick? was acouple months ago i believe

I hadn’t heard this.
I do recall it being a PITA to get the PS-14-P’s to snap in, just took getting one side in place then pushing down with force on the other side to get it in. But it worked fine. Oh, and bare in mind I have only used PS-14-KN’s otherwise, so all the other snaps in might need that kind of force to get snapped in, but don’t quite me on that.

Bottom line: they work.

The Pearl buttons work fine but their diameter is noticeably smaller than the Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons. Probably around 2mm difference.

They fit into the button holes as tightly as Sanwa buttons but the actual enclosure plastic/plastic lip is noticeably narrower on the faceplate top.

I’m doing a custom mod of a MadCatz TE stick am surprised by how much the size difference sticks out. It won’t be so bad when all the Pearls are installed — after I get the Plexi plate for the artwork – but it is certainly a bit different and not the usual thing I’m used to!

This is Thread you refer to.

Sanwa OBSF-30, OBSN-30 have 33.2mm Rims.
Seimitsu PS-14-G have 34.5mm Rims.
Seimitsu PS-14-GN, PS-14-GN(???), PS-14-K, PS-14-KN, PS-14-P have 33mm Rims.
Seimitsu PS-15 have 35mm Rims.

Measurements taken from Catalog.

So yes, Seimitsu PS-14-P, compared to Sanwa OBSF-30 and OBSN-30, does have smaller Rim.
0.2mm difference.

I hadn’t even noticed it. Probably because I notably only play with Seimitsu? I’ve only had PS-14-GNs, PS-14-KNs, and PS-14-Ps, so all the rims of my buttons are the same diameter on all my sticks.

But that’s a pretty minor cosmetic difference to nitpick about.

It sticks out if you have different buttons on the same faceplate, though.

I measured with a ruler and the difference in diameter between stock Sanwa OBSF-30 and Seimitsu Pearls is closer to 1mm.

That doesn’t sound like a big difference for sure, but you have to remember that difference goes all around the button.

When you see a standard 30mm button – whether it’s the Sanwa OBS line or the regular Seimitsu black-border buttons – next to the Pearls, the Pearls look puny by comparison.

This is only a temporary setup. I was just testing the electrical response on one Pearl. As soon as my Plexi arrives for my current mod (MadCatz TE), I’m popping off all the Sanwas on it and permanently installing Pearl buttons. It’ll probably be the only stick I do with all-Seimitsu parts. If I ever buy a Seimitsu part again, it’ll probably only be the LS-32-01. I like that stick better than their stock black-bordered buttons to be honest but they have some neat specialty button options that Sanwa just doesn’t have now… I can definitely see why some people go for the clear buttons and Pearls.

JDM, you’re really quick with the reference threads haha.

Thanks everybody for the quick responses.

Sorry to start this thread when this had already been brought up, I should have looked more but I was in a hurry. Thanks again.