Do people care about storyline in Fighting games?

Personally I care that the storyline is reasonable and not totally stupid. What do u guys think?

Mortal Kombat is the only game IMO with a halfway decent storyline, but that’s overshadowed by the horrible fighting engine.

I think the mainstream audience cares much more about storyline than hardcore players do. Fighting games were initially developed with the arcade in mind, so naturally, storyline wasn’t the driving issue, gameplay was. Arcades are dead nowadays, so developers are thinking of new ways to improve the single player experience. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to work with in this genre. That’s why it’s dying.

MK also has a selection of samey characters - at least with other titles with mediocre/OK stories (Tekken, SF (??), KOF) they all have great characters to talk about.

I like a bit of storyline action in fighting games - nice to see what sort of personality the character you use has.

Heck no, most of the time they are horribly written and just make the characters seem more rediculous. I can’t think of a series that I like with a good storyline. I’m not really a fan of the MK storyline. I liked it better in the MK2/3 days where they wore rediculous spandex outfits and nobody cared why.

I don’t care at all about story. Gameplay is all I care about. If I wanted a story I’d be reading a book, not playing fighting games.

Storyline ruins some chars in games for me… Like the first time i heard steve fox talk in t5

I don’t think anybody really cares. Hardcore or not.

And the only fighting game with a mediocre story is the Soul Calibur series.

Well, it is nice to have a little background story for every character, otherwise we might as well have box fighter 2k6.

story line is not important. but it is a plus

Quoted for emphasis.

I really dont care no, after awhile you end up like KOF that has probably some of the most idiotic storyline to ever be written. Tekken Cannon is a bit rediculous as well.

tekken was good until 4/5
kof was good until nest and they might be able to save with 03 and up
mk never was after 2(they still havnt saved the world? repeat after repeat)
sf is so so
doa i have no idea
gg is good(kill those dirty japs:tup:)
vf(same old shit)

Not really no…

It’s not important, but a nice bonus.

I liked SF2, so much i have the V anime series as well as the SF2 animated movie- kick ass! but after that things felt a little flat to me. in alpha and 3S -i hated the plot.

mostly, fighting game storylines are just a flimsy excuse to have a bunch character punch and kick each other.

T5 killed my interest in any storylines. As much as I love the game, I’ve never seen endings quite so bad…Kuma running the TZ, Ling building a time machine, Paul calling out the aliens…:wtf:

I mean, how did we go from the awesomeness that was Kazuya’s T2 ending to Heihachi’s wrinkled ass in our faces?

The more I think about it, the more I thnk that it’s nice to have some kind of story, like ppl said just so you know where someone is coming from…I think also there is always a character or two whose story one can identify with. But on the whole, a story doesn’t make or break a game; they’re just there, good or mostly bad ha.

Yeah, that’s right. Story right now is bonus points. Something to do in your spare time. I wish a fighter would have and really expand upon an interesting story, but I guess there’s never much time to focus on that. Well, it’s okay right now.

it’s important…
'cause it give a certain feeling to the game…

do you ever looked to garou motw story?
it’s really impressive…and you should look backward to the oter garou densetsu chapters…

even KOF story is amazing…

i think most people do care about storyline in FG’s. I used to, but from some years ago, I think there shouldn’t be story mode in fighting games. I mean, just Vs mode and maybe practice mode and that’s it. gameplay is the most important thing imo