Do not plug pelican ps2/ps3 adapter into a ps4!

I just destroyed two of my pelican adapters (Luckily I had 2 back up ones if they ever shit on me) I plugged in both of my pelican adapters to my ps4 to just see if they would be compatible with my ps2 sticks for SFV and they both just lit up solid. All four lights, which I have never ever seen them do and they just stayed that way. After removing them I put them in my PS3 with street fighter 4 ultra and starting playing. Now the adapter(s) will disconnect from the system about every 5 minutes from anywhere from 30 seconds to just forever! You can sometimes unlpug them and plug them back in, but most most of the time it requires a system reboot for them to even function now. They are basically trash. I never had a single issue out of these things ever and they were purchased in 2008.

Does anyone have any clue what the hell the PS4 could have done to these adapters?

They still work perfect on PC though which is strange. it must have messed up whatever software is in this thing that the playstation reads.


Thanks for the look out. I highly doubt the PS4 on its own destroyed the Pelican adapter, there are too many variables to say what actually happen.
Since you got your adapters in 2008, it could be the adapters just quit.

A friend of mine and fellow forum user and Tech Talk alumni @ed1371 started a what legacy controllers are compatible with the PS4 and SFV thread.

For you, if you want to continue using your PS2 controllers I recommend the Brooks PS2 to PS3/PS4 Controller Adapter

that is really strange… the adapters code shouldn’t have been affected, possibly something got killed since it (PS4) uses usb 3.0? When you plug into computer were you plugging into 2 or 3.0? (500 mA vice 900 mA difference between the two maybe??)

Are you using a usb hub with the ps3? If so, have you tried plugging it in directly to the system?

Sounds like someone really smart about this sort of thing like @Phreakazoid or @Toodles or @armi0024 could give some insight to the cause.

I have a old red smart joy ps2 to usb adapter. Is that safe as well?

It is very strange and it was caused by the ps4 for sure. I use these adapters every week on the PS3 and then when I plug them into a ps4 for 10 seconds all they show is a row of solid lights then from that point on they stop working constantly on my ps4 and show a solid row of lights which they have never done before in my life.

I am using usb 3.0 ports on my pc and they still work fine there just not on ps3 which is really weird.

On my phat and slim ps3 I have used the usb ports on the system and USB hubs. I did extensive testing with these after plugging them into a ps4. I used various ps1 and ps2 sticks.

The other Pelican adapters I have as back ups that I HAVE NOT stuck in a PS4 work perfect on both ps3’s and my pc. The two I stuck in the PS4 are just crazy now.

I would love to know what the hell is going on.

unknown… if you are willing to try it for science purposes, then by all means go ahead. If you can’t sacrifice it then I would hold off.

If he only had 1 adaptor die/get messed up, I wouldn’t think much of it, but he had 2 that were affected which makes me think otherwise.

So, These Brook adapters let you use ps1 and 2 sticks on ps3 and ps4?!?! I will be buying two of these, but they seem to be out of stock at the moment at most suppliers. I have an Innex account as I run a game store. I’ll order some soon for sure.

Yes, their PS2 to PS4 converters work not only with PS2 controllers, but also PS1 controllers. The converter also works on PS3.

I assumed they would. I have to have my Namco PS1 fight sticks.

No one has nay idea what could have happened?

There are too many things to consider without physically inspecting the adapter.

@loganm187 really sorry to hear that your adapters died. Hope you can get them fixed or find some replacements cheap.

Some folks on TT pointed me here, and after reading about what happened to you I used a USB 2.0 hub to test my adapters on PS4.

Just letting you know that you pretty much saved my gear, and for that I am hella grateful.

I did plug my Pelican converter into my PS4 before when MKX came out, it didn’t work, but it also didn’t fry. SFV is cursed

I think these things might just be dying guys. I got a hold of a another one online and it does the same thing. Keep in mind I still have two others that work perfect and have tested them on multiple pc’s, ps3’s and usb hubs, so it is the adapters. I hope the two I have that work never go out. I’m going to get some of those Brooks adapter but they are sold out everywhere :(. Does anyone have any clue when those are going to be back in stock? The ps2 to ps3.ps4 adapters?

Preorders are available at Arcadeshock by the looks of it.