Do lag hacks exist on PC version?

So i just fought a 6000+ PP player by the name of kaxblastard

He played rufus, his PP was 900 ish. First 15 seconds of match, i vortex his ass with akuma…he gets out. Next time i go on the offense, lag kicks in, and every single time after that, while he is able to perform moves, i cannot even do anything because the frames on my screen arent even moving.

…i basically couldnt even do anything while he was throwing me around. His rufus was about the level of someone picking up an alt for 2 hours. Has anyone else on PC encountered this?

Edit : I youtubed his name, sure enough i found him and anohter guy who experienced his bullshit

[media=youtube]wpQ0BJRuahY[/media], He activates the lag switch at 1:30 of the video, then his opponent cant do shit and just stands there

He posts here and is a known lagswitcher. He’s also a giant cock head.

I don’t even play on PC either but I’ve heard of him just from his general bell-endery on SRK.

Read this topic for some lulz: SSF4AE2012 online avoid list

“Logic quit” still cracks me up. Gotta hand it to him, he is classy.

I wonder what will happen if both players use the cheat…

You haven’t tried dividing by zero right?

He did this to me. He was hosting on ranked and playing Cammy, I beat him the first round, then the second round I had him low when suddenly I got massive lag and couldn’t even come out of a crouching position. Meanwhile he could move freely and stole the round.

Yeah, he’s a massive lagswitching faggot.

He’s also a major troll here with two known accounts (his GFWL name, and ‘djblastard’).

dat bastard

this means we’d get infinites?

They would get trapped on that match forever, because even round time would get frozen, and we would never even get to know from them afterwards

So yeah, someone has to make the sacrifice, for all of us

It would be horrible to have klaxblastard wander in cyberspace. just let him do his stuff!

You people…make me legend. :slight_smile:

I’ve played his Sakura on ranked, same shit he was doing with Sagat, jump hk into hk all day.Of course with the lagswitch I couldn’t do shit.

ive played this guy klaxbastard the other day. He activated once he started losing…when I was about to beat him he disconnected.

Also SHoto or DIe its a turbo player with an attitude XD

When you realize his name has an l in it, as “b>l<astard” you may lol as much as people seeing him in another topic around here. Can wager many likes were thrown his way.

Also, there is a version of him in every game.

For my game: 3rd Strike

He’s probably known as: LAGKUMAHAX

Yeah its not so much a cheat or hack as it is, easily available info youtube tutorials everywhere about the infamous “lag switch” for people who value their PP and or wins above learning and improving in the games they play. Can’t be helped.

imma start using these lag switches.

Only in SF4, plz ty. Gomenasai. De nada.

I could bitch piss and moan about so much but…

funny that he gets the luxury of losing even when lagswitching, lol

a lot of hilarious posts were deleted on that thread. a pity…