Do I deserve to be in G1?

I spent months getting into G1. I feel kinda proud that I made it but boy is it tough in there. I win about 1 on 6, so my GP went to below 15000. I’m at 14900 right now. ( I used to win about 50% in G2 and G3)

Switching mains is no option. I know Cammy waaay better than all the other chars. Besides I like playing her. I even got to a G1 final once. But lost due to nerves, I completely choked.

So I’m wondering… do I even deserve to be here?

I havent gotten to G1 yet, but seeing how the jump from G3 to G2 was took a while, I think you just need time to adjust to the G1 crowd. I play a Dhalsim who is in G1 and I do decent against him. So yes, just keep playing. I guess you just need to be better and improve.

You should not be playing to achieve the power to say “I’m good because i am at G1 level” or something to that effect.

You should be playing to continue learning, and through that you will become a good player.

Whether or not you are in G1 makes no difference. Don’t worry about it, just continue to play to learn.

Besides, It makes no sense to take online sf4 seriously. I can write a book on why online is not a good medium for fighting games.

Well I don’t play anything ranked in sf. I hardly play random player matches anymore. But I beat and do well against some top notch comp on my friends list and on the local scene and I’m sure they are in G1. Online ranking in fighters arnt really based of skill entirely :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. I feel much better about it now. Patience has always been an issue for me. Both in life and SF. :slight_smile:

I’ll just have to stick in there and keep learning and that’s what I’ll do!

wait couple weeks then u will pwn g1

I literally got to G1 yesterday. And you’re right, ikt is hard going! I’m planning on using the experience to help me figure out where I go wrong and why I lose when I do. I haven’t got past a second round match yet, but I’ve come close on a couple of occasions! Keep it up, you’re not the having issues winning, I just played someone who was a Gouken and he had had 14,006gp.

BTW, on the subject of keeping going, I’m playing while writing this in between matches and I’ve just gotten to my first semi-final in G1! Fingers crossed, all I want is a replay…lol!

Ended up losing in the semi to a Rufus with near 70k worth of points, not that that matters to me, was a good match though.

G1 is hilarious…you have to play their game…G1 is all about bait and punish…it’s less about mental play and back and forth as much is it’s just watching out for random shit…I play completely different on G1 then I do when I’m playing someone who isn’t…random…you can’t think you opponent will do something that makes sense…which is why I went to a bait and punish style…and it hasn’t failed me…

To be honest, I just pick Sagat in G1. Championship mode is kind of a mixed bag. Sometimes you’ll fight some really good people, while others will just turtle or use online tactics.

If you’re struggling in G1, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How are you closing in? IMO Cammy’s worst game is medium to long range, and a lot of Cammy players want to get in either by Spiral Arrow, or jumping in. Generally speaking, they’re bad ways to get in. Most of the time you have to inch your way forward, blocking the fireballs and other random pokes while you walk forward.

  2. How are your combos? Do you know any? Any time you get the option to combo, make sure you do the most damaging combo you can land. Since every combo is a knockdown with Cammy, there’s no argument for which combo you should do. Just do your best combo. Also Practice your combos.

  3. Are you reading your opponent’s intent? You really need to practice this. It’s amazing how predictable some guys can be. You need to know when to TKCS and when to walk up block.

Don’t worry about losing in G1. I was in your place for the first day I got in G1.

you are probaly one of those retard who spam cannon spike becuse if its amazing priority and think no one can punish it.

Why so harsh Tyson?
He was just asking. DAMN!

Anyway, even if he does spam, getting into G-1 will be good right?
That will force him to learn new stuff.

So again, why call him a retard?

I just broke into G1 myself! This morning, I fought a Balrog, who I beat clean, and a Gule (ordinarily a REALLY TOUGH matchup for my Cammy) by walking up and throwing his ass while he tried to charge. Repetedly.

So G1 is a lot of fun!

Lol, I love just walking up and throwing Balrog’s! I’m enjoying G1 a lot now, my game is starting to improve already :slight_smile:

And ignore Tyson, there’s always one! (Unless you DO just spam CSpikes…something I’m a bit guilty of on wake up!)

Congrats on making it to G1… It is amazingly easy to find matches on G1 nowadays, so it’s a good place to find games and have fun…

As many have said, there are lots of online tactics used in G1 games so just be aware of them, make sure you don’t get too upset when online BS gets to you… Just walk away and relax…

I have to say, G1 quality has gone down a bit for the past couple of months already… I guess the grinders from G2 finally ground enough points to get into G1, but once in a while you still get to play someone good there (for me, usually 3rd round or semi-finals are the 2 rounds where I find decent players, for some reason, most of the final rounds are actually let downs, due to spammer, online tactics, etc…). I average about 500 pts whenever I play G1 championship mode, I am around 64K points. I am a bit sick of the flowcharts on G1 nowadays, but I can find matches in 30 secs or less… I am debating myself whether to continue to SG or slow down and just enjoy the matches on G1 (I remember when I first got into G1, it was almost impossible to find games for a few weeks, so I am sure SG will be the same since it has like 220 people in SG compared to thousands in G1 on XBL).

I remember one of my first matches in G2 finals, I nearly double perfected this Akuma. Figures after the match he’d graduate on up to G1. Online is legit yo.

haha just look at who he mains!!! It kinda explains alll of his anger lol!!! Either that or he likes trolling on other boards cause his PP is small

Hey, he made it to finals. That is the way of these things!

sounds like it is probably #1 that is his main problem, it was my main issue for a long time. i eventually worked on it by mastering delayed tkcs’s and then just quick normal cs off a jump. by making your jump heights and distances very low and short you make it much more difficult to AA you, and sometimes you will get people to try to AA when your not ever actually going to enter their dp range. oh, and the random times that say you mess up your delayed tkcs and end up with an actual jump-in it’s not as bad because they don’t expect that shit.

Awesome replies all. I can just feel the love.

Ty for the vote of confidence. I’ll train hard to make sure you are right.

Nice to know I’m not alone in this. Good luck on reaching a final soon.

I’m definitely going to incorporate more bait and punish style in my game.

Some really good tips there. I’ll head to training to work on them. In answer to your questions:

  1. Closing in and poking is indeed a big problem for me. I use jumps and walking to close the gap. I’ll work on moving slower, but more deliberately. That requires patience of which I have little. But to quote Obi Wan Kenobi: ‘He will learn patience’.

  2. My combos are:
    cr.lp, cr.lp, cr. lk, HK SA (my BnB combo)
    cr. HP, cr. mk xx HK SA
    after succesful focus: TKCS, st. HP, HK CS

My BnB combo is not landing consistently enough I think. I can’t manage to land it more than 50% of the time. I’ll take your advice and train more in training mode.

  1. Predicting is the one thing I’m pretty good at. I can land many psychic moves even SBF. My martial arts training has tought me that there is a perfect distance for every attack, but that is also true for your opponent. I’ve gotten pretty good at predicting attacks. I’ve Ultra’d under fireballs etc. some many times. It’s awesome.
    Having said that, you do have a valid point. I have a lot of trouble predicting when my opponent is NOT going to attack in G1. In G2 and G3 I did not have this problem. In other words I leave myself open too often becuase I thought someone was going to do something but did nothing. This is more true for charge chars than Shoto’s btw.

On a side note: I love your avatar Seiku. I laugh every time I see it.


Thanks for sticking up for me while I was at work. You’re right. I’m forced to learn new stuff. Why else would I read and post in SRK?

Gz on making G1. Looks like you have less trouble there. Any secrets besides just walking in and grabbing?

@OneSicBUnny (2)
I’m ignoring the bad and taking in the good. Looking forward to improving too.

First of all: I watched a lot of your videos and my game has improved immensly because of them. So thank you for those!

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I’ll try and keep things in perspective. I suppose you might have the same problems when you get to SG. SG sounds like godhood from where I’m sitting.


It’s become a long post but I wanted to reply to all the good tips, lots of info and encouragement. You guys made my day.

You are SO right.