Do autistic people ever experience existential crises?

i’ve always wonder if aspies go through a time in their life when they think deeply about their existence and the purpose behind. I was under the impression that spergs are too busy with the ecentric interests to actually give a shit.

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their parents are the real fuck ups, chasing fairies with this fuckin anti vaccination bullshit, ruining good health for the rest of us


The eccentricity is a coping mechanism for the never ending existential terror they experience.

You would think trains are bitchin’ too if everything else in life was a spiraling black pit of meaninglessness.

care to go in depth with your perspective on life.

as a recently diagnosed AFrican American autist, I feel that life is always clenching up my butthole. Or maybe that’s something else.

Autism is a set of disabilities.
A person will have a subset of those disabilities.
People with a sub set of those disabilities will experience them in varying degrees.
As knowing people with varying levels of autism, yes I’ve known people with autism who definitely question the meaning of life.

A person I know is going through the standard ‘Is university the right thing for me?’ question that many children these days are going through, since university is expected of them and this person has been built up for a long time to go to university, but this person doesn’t know the meaning of going to college… and all existential questions relating to that subject.

Ask the person/people that diagnosed you.

As SRK’s leading neurologist, you have to take my word for it.

However, You should get a second opinion, many people are incorrectly diagnosed as African American. Things like exposure to UV rays and paint can lead to false positives.

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Yes, all the time. The difficulty isn’t in self-reflection, it’s in changing the routine and general bad habits.

<- has Asperger’s

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I’m ashamed to even fit into this spectrum because of this dude’s last name… I just stay on dl about because nobody can tell the difference… my habits use to include lots of smoking and drinking… I stopped tho… it was extra hard because it was a routine… doesn’t help that extra mental disorders exist in my fam…