Do any of you ever use lk/mk CS?


I always use hk CS as anti air, but after learning that kens mp srk has invincibility frames (and should therefore be used as AA) I was just wondering if cammys other specials might have attributes that Im not exploiting?

ps. this is my first post on srk… so hi

Fortunately Cammy’s dp’s make sense, so HK has the most invincibility and most damage and should therefore be used as anti air & in combos. You can check frame data on the wiki, and for the most part that include info about invincibility.

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^^this has useful move attributes listed
^^This has basic knowledge about Cammys moves.
Also Standing HK got an AA boost I think it does more than a cannon Spike. I only use HK CS because of its long range but if you think you ll whiff a lk CS is technically safer. They all go at different angles im sure it has to have some use?

Generally speaking you should use HK Cannon Spike for everything. There are times when you can DP trade with LK, letting you ultra without using meter. Generally I don’t go for it.

Welcome, Justy! I’m new myself to the SRK forums.

Just adding my vote as well, I only use HK CS as anti-air, never the weaker ones, although I will use EX for the invincibility frames if I anticipate a quick reversal late in the opponent’s jump, like a shoryuken.