Do active USB extension cables cause lag?

Has anyone tried using active USB extension cables on their controllers? I tried using a regular (passive) USB extension cable, but that didn’t go so well. Sometimes, button presses did not register at all, and after some googling, I learned about USB’s maximum cable length (a mere 5 meters!).

An active cable can exceed 5 meters, but I assume it must do some kind of buffering to repeat/amplify the signal. Will that cause problems in games such as SF4 that require strict timing? Does it matter which brand of cable I choose?

I’ve never used anything longer than 15 feet myself. The USB cable I bought from seems to register signals fine. It’s about 15 feet. Never contemplated getting an extension cable since it seems plenty long as is!

I have heard repeatedly from other people that longer length cables and extenders CAN cause signal degradation issues when they do exceed a certain length. It’s especially an issue for A/V equipment with an emphasis on the effect on video quality. What that critical length is for game controllers cables I don’t know.

There IS/WAS a market for extension cables (non-USB) since some controllers were infamous for having ridiculously short cable lengths like the original Japanese PS1 controllers. Their cable length was literally inches from what I’ve been told!

Other cables lengths since then have been at least 4-5 feet. Pretty much anything over 6 feet is comfortable. With wireless, length obviously isn’t a big deal. Cable length still matters for joysticks since wireless set-ups are banned from most tournaments.

has anyone tried using one of the 16’ to 20’ active usb extension cords with a te fightstick? Id like to run a cable from my tv under my floor to behind my couch so I can just plug my stick in there and not have to HAVE A cord across the floor.