DMGS x TorontoTopTiers Present - DMGS LAN 1.0 SSFIV:AE/MVC3 Tournament - RESULTS

DMGS x TorontoTopTiers Present - DMGS LAN 1.0 SSFIV:AE/MVC3 Tournament - RESULTS

SSFIV:AE Singles 30 Entrants

1 Jugg
2 YRSF_Blitzman
3 Loofus
4 SpiralGuy
5 Blueblazer
5 Cata
7 The Jungler
9 YRSF_Raynex
9 Chopper
9 Dabmai
9 KillaCam
13 Lexaen
13 Duck
13 John Wayne
13 TTT_NeoRussell
17 Khaines
17 Suprbeard
17 Robin
17 Zako
17 Other_Scott
17 Ultorskoss
17 Munk
17 Zehu
25 Arkade
25 M1nki1s
25 Cotterbot
25 Roguelike
25 Jinn
25 Ojiisan


1 YRSF White_R
2 TTT_NeoRussell
3 YRSF_blitzman
4 SpiralGuy
5 Killacam
5 Zako
7 Rob
9 Other_Scott
9 Blueblazer
9 SuprBeard
9 Ojiisan
13 Kaezer
13 Arkade


  1. Team YRSF/Gety - SpiralGuy, YRSF_Blitzman, YRSF_Raynex
  2. Team Rob Sucks Dick - Loofus, Killacam, The Jungler
  3. Team America FUCK YEAH - John Wayne, Cody player, Jugg
  4. Team FYZ - Other_Scott, Suprbeard, Cotterbot
  5. Team GHSF - Zako, Dabmai, cata
  6. Team Hold The Mustard - Ojiisan, Munk, Robin

Thanks for coming out guys!

Oh shit Chopper got 9th again!

I bet Vince is still feeling himself after sending Blitz to losers :wink:

Congrats to Alex and Dunnville for the excellent showing! And a big thanks to Buffalo for coming across the river to support the event!

GGs to everyone. I’m still pretty salty about my losses because I played pretty poorly in those games, especially against spiralguy’s Fei.

Hope I can make it out to the Gety tournament next! If not, I’ll see you all at T12.

…I don’t even…outrageous

maybe you should have come. then you might have been able to end the injustice.

GGs to everyone. I had a great time. Thanks to YRSF, Hidey, TTT, Vince and countless others for making this possible. You guys rock. See you space cowboy!

You couldn’t even end the injustice to yourself when you had the chance. LOL

Great event everyone, thanks to RXS and TTT for extending the invite to have Omega Collectables on-site. Special thanks to everyone who traded numbered pieces of paper with us for random gaming goods.

Congrats to the winners!

Most importantly, when in doubt: Hold the Mustard!