DLC Possibility

Just wondering this. You know DLC is the wave of the future a couple of 3 more characters, and some stages would be a nice thing to have, especially with Memory on Wii Expanding and the Online supposing to be better than ever in this game…

Anybody think that we might get a few stages/stage music? Blah

why 3 characters, specifically?

I just think it would be nice for them to leave DLC as an option on the off chance they can work out the Hakushon Daimaou issues. Better late than never.

I don’t think it’s possible on the Wii, otherwise SSBB would have had it.

Rock Band 2.

Yeah it’s totally possible, they just don’t do it much due to a smaller hard drive and a percieved more casual fan base that won’t take advantage of that shit.

Possible? Sure. Practical? Well, not that much for reasons stated above =/

I want my god damn genie back then! Also this didn’t need a thread IMO.

were talking cross-overs here
none of the cross-overs had DLC,

im not saying Street fighter 4 doesnt have DLC
but I dont think we’ll see DLC Characters any time soon…
if they wish to add more characters, Capcom would just make a Sequel
Super Street Fighter 4
Marvel vs Capcom 2

none of the previous street fighter games had dlc either.

Save the new cast for TvC2: Tasyuu Baybee!