DLC not working (characters)

I use PSN, so I bought the DLC content off the North American PSN Store.

I bought NEST Kyo and EX Iori.

I heard you gotta press Select when you confirm the characters.

I did, and nothing worked. BTW, I have the Deluxe Edition, which I think might not be the NA version. So if it’s not the NA version, will that conflict have some sort of region lock on my NA PSN DLC content? If so, that’s pretty whack.

If there is a solution please help me out here I’ve bought and downloaded both characters and there are no signs of them working.

Deluxe Edition?

What rating system does it use on the front of the box?

There was a Deluxe Edition published by Rising Star for the EU version, so probably this. The NA version was originally reported to be incompatible with Asian PSN DLC for NESTS Kyo in another thread, so it’s likely the case that the same applies when using NA DLC for the EU version.

Same problem here, and I def have the NA version/NA DLC.

It’s called use the select button…DUH!

If you bought the DLC characters, press select before actually picking them. IE: place the cursor over Kyo and press select, you will have EX Kyo and then you confirm to pick him and then pick his colors