DLC Gems are stronger than "Regular" Gems

It took me a while to upload this because i lost my phone sync cable and had to upload them from my phone instead. But I just got SFxT today and had the gems via the PSN slip up on first day of cross assault.

Anyway, DLC gems seem to be the same as regular gems WITHOUT the negative. so there is no reason to not use them. The issue being paying to be stronger than other players which i don’t agree with.

Link to gallery with images

Also i just noticed the first image uploaded wrong. It’s the same as the second image but without the negative of damage loss.

Yep, even with the gem packs from the Special Edition, this is already happening. It’s a shame; pay-to-win is a really stupid idea.

Yes, we’ve known about that since the full list of gems came out months ago, and that’s what people were complaining about with the balance of the gems long ago. It’s the reason a bunch of people are saying to ban the DLC gems

Shameful display.

at least you cant use all the same gem.
goodness i wish you could.

Hilarious. Serious players go: "play to win"
Shitty players go: “PAY to win”

What’s sad is that since the shitty players make up a much larger percentage you can bet this crap is only going to get worse. I always wondered why Capcom FG tutorials were always ass.

I bought the Special Edition version of the game and was there supposed to be a slip included to redeem the DLC gems or is that based on your game disc? I found no slip in my box.

its in the back of the arcade bank instruction slip.

The stronger ones seem to have some kind of esoteric activation condition (i.e. it depends on what your partner does) or it burns out mad fast. At least it seems that way for me.

The DLC gems that popped up accidentally was all free. Who is to say that they won’t all be free?

Is there such a thing as download to win?

Well I have my special edition on 360 (I can get it on PS3 instead) for Friday, despite the current state of the 360 one. I was gonna get this game on the other console later on when it’s cheaper. I guess I should be a smart retard and buy special edition on both?

Someone revealed every DLC Gem in the game
Just look at some of the effects on those DLC Gems!


Capcom is seriously gonna make us buy a Gem so we can remove shortcuts

A gem that costs 3 slots that increases the effects of boost gems. Well if they do bring that out then we are definitely gonna get more gem slots.

+40% counter hit damage and no trade off, is active the whole time? we found us a winner!

Man, we need that this thread sticky again because there is more problems with gems than 5 months before.

someone should rename the title to make sure ppl understand that all DLC gems are listed here.

Before the game was released, a lot of us including myself said that Gems and specially paid DLC exclusive game mechanics doesn’t sound like a good idea, it’ll obviously give the one who’s paying more extra advantage, but some assholes were like “there’s no way Capcom would make DLC gems better, the game and gems will be balanced, stop crying you stupid fucks”

Free auto block Gem = uses 1 bar for 1 gem slot
Paid auto block Gem = 1/2 a bar for 1 gem slot

Well, what the FUCK do you have to say now to defend pathetic Capcom’s greedy ass? Unless of course you can’t understand some basic maths.

This game is just becoming more and more of an uninspired and unfinished big pile of shit that was designed with the sole purpose of making a money milking machine. Stupid music, stages and game mechanics.

Ohh and also, FUCK Seth Killian, what a fucking hypocrite with all his statements about how the Gems are balanced and he also was concerned about them at first then was relieved when he tried 'em out, yeah right.

I am confirmed not buying this shit. Sad because the game had potential. I swear to god ono is to blame for this.

If that’s the case i trust tournaments to ban dlc gems.

really a shame. truly wasted potential. the gem itself is a great concept, but they choose to use it like this.

3 slot gem. always active. escape throws automatically.

ok…im not 100% against things like this, but these are severely tweaking the formula of an SF game.