DLC Gameplay Modes - What do you want?

They say there’s going to be an Unlimited Hyper mode. I guess some folks might find that fun. Personally speaking, though, it sounds a bit boring. A bit lazy. A bit uninspired. Certainly, there are some options that would be a bit better, right? I can think of some, and I think you guys can as well.

Maybe we could even let Nittsuma and gang know that these would be some options that we’d actually be willing to throw some money at.

My ideas:

-OG Mode. Original MvC3 style. No changes to X-Factor, TACs, etc. If you are looking for something to give people who already have MvC3, folks at Capcom, this would be a good place to start.

-Ultimate All-Stars mode. TvC style. Baroques, Megacrashes, and all that good stuff.

-Retro Mode. Street Fighter II style. 1 on 1. First to two wins. No Hypers. No X-Factor. Maybe even make it intentionally slow, and also make it where throws/grabs do one-third of a character’s health.

-Ratio Mode. CVS2 style. No tag-outs. No assists. Just go through characters in order, KOF style. You can distribute power levels between characters to boost their offense, defense, etc, just like CVS2. Red Health is regained after an enemy is defeated.

-2v2 4-Player Mode. MvC1 Dreamcast style. Each team shares one assist, which can only be used a certain number of times. Activating a Team Hyper will put both players of a team on the screen for a certain length of time. (I know that the game only has it set-up for two controllers, not four - if you can’t hack up a way to put four controllers in, then just make it an online-only and/or system link method, where two locally connected players can team up to face two other players. Two systems, four players.)

-Vampire Mode. 1 on 1. Two ‘Downs’. Red Health recovers automatically as long as the player stops taking hits. Players will move at around a 125% of their normal speed. If possible, take out the dramatic pauses Hypers cause from this mode.

-New Age of Heroes Mode. MvC2 style. No X-Factor. No TACs. Assists have a much shorter cool-down time. Assists can be called after a super jump and during flight. Assists take normal damage, but can be hit during their ‘taunt’ animation. Jazz soundtrack. Yipes commentary.

-Ultimate X-Factor Mode. X-Factor can be activated multiple times in a match - however, it’s always Lv1 X-Factor, and it’s built up through a gauge that gradually increases at a slow rate through time and also from taking damage (similar to the ‘Revenge’ meter.)

Feel free to add your own ideas. Maybe someone at Capcom will take note. Probably not, but worth a shot anyway.

fun ideas, but i don’t think they are going to put in the work required for any of those. i’m guessing what we get (if anything) will be an analog to setup toggles: X-Factor on/off, Unlimited Hyper Meter on/off, etc, maybe even 1v1/2v2 but without any of the additional mods you’re coming up with.

Right, but, I don’t think there’s going to be a whole lot of people paying around $5 just to turn X-Factor on or off. Maybe enough to make such a venture profitable, seeing as it’s just flipping a switch, but no hype would be built over that.

On the other hand, I WOULD pay $5 for a Ratio mode. I’d probably pay $10 or more for a MvC1 style 4-player mode. And the amount of hype that would be built over a MvC2 style mode (and I forgot - make it complete with the ability to select multiples of the same character!) would be palpable.

Online Training mode and maybe a team battle mode. That’s about it.

I think a 4-player mode and an online training mode would be pretty cool.

Broken mode: Everyone has an infinite a la MvC1.

Chicken Mode- Just like Tony Hawk’s “Chiken Mode”, only with combos, Unlimited Life, Unlimited Hypers, the first who gets all the letters of the word C-H-I-C-K-E-N loses…

good netcode mode, and then all the modes from the OP. good netcode would make them relevant cause thered be someone out there willing to play me in streetfighter mode or ratio mode. i doubt any of the modes would be exyra fun for most gamers since it would be a hassle trying to convince ones friends to play ratio mode rather than… some other one.

could this topic be expanded to list features/gameplay details we would like to see? cause besides the obvious HDR button config that COJ doesnt want to implement, theres also sooo many other common sense things that would be great additions as well, one of which is option to disable the pause screen so that i can take in the artwork in still frames (this has happened before, why in the hell cant this just be a regular feature???)

there are so many obvious things of that nature that should be included in EVERY game that is released… but no, stupid developers would rather nickle and dime shit away… one of the major reaaons why im slowing down on videogames in general. no customer service or thought towards consumers, like seriously its common sense.


Take my money Capcom.

Marvel 3 isn’t Marvel 2 part 2, you can’t just take out those things and make it like Marvel 2.

First of all, the roll-OTG system in Marvel 2 is completely different. You have a VERY narrow window to OTG people, and if you’re not in a 1 frame window then they can roll out anyway. I would love to see stuff like this return to Marvel, but so many character’s whole offense revolves around “air combo, otg, air combo, otg, super” that you would have to change the entire game. Something that Capcom will never do.

Maybe if you were more realistic I would take the time to give an idea or two.

But since you want MvC3 without the fundamentals of the system, i’ll decline.

If they put in a no-X Factor mode I bet they will make a lot of money…

Not every character has to be relevant for the mode to be fun. It’s not like this would affect tournament play or anything. Aside from OTG, a MvC2 mode should also feature building meter from whiffs.

The only confirmed mode is unlimited meter. I’d say that destroys more fundamentals than anything we can cook up.

please capcom please just an online training mode

No X-factor mode. I’d like to play in some side tourneys with this mode. OR even money math people in this mode.

It’ll probably be just the variations we’ve already seen in event mode.

Not necessarily a “mode”

but here:

I want a better story mode. They billed this game as a living comic, yet there are no cutscenes, no character specific mini boss battles, ect. I would love a story mode where they have preset teams u have to use (X-men, weopon x team, avenger team, brotherhood of evil mutants, street fighter team, dark stalker, devil may cry team, resident evil team, ect.) Where u play as that team and every battle u fight has a meaning to their story.

An example: team resident evil- u first start off as Chris who is on a mission to break out Jill from the umbrella x corp ( a merger between the umbrella corp and the weopon x program). U fight Jill first one on one because she is brainwashed. After beating her, she regains memories and joins u. On the way out u nemisis and sentinal block the way. U defeat them and nemisis joins ur side, after regaining his memories of his past life.

Mini boss- team weopon x is sent to bring u back (wolverine, deadpool, and X-23). After defeating them u learn that wesker is behind it all to try and build an genetically enhanced army to take over the two worlds!
With this info the hunt for wesker begins!

Sub boss- herald of galactus wesker. Weskers true plan is revealed as Wesker has joined with galactus to become more powerfully with cosmic energy and is really using umbrella and weopon x programs to catalog all of earths unique genetic abilities and add it to his own for even more power. He plans on doing this before galactus comes to earth and destroy it, then plans on defeating galactus to truely become a god.

Decision: (taken from the old double dragon, streets of rage, and final fight games) you have a choice to defeat wesker, then galactus and save the world, or play as wesker defeat the s.t.a.r.s. resident evil team, then galactus and become a god.

This would make single player experience so much better and give the game a lot more of a comic book feel as well as a high replay value for the game.

(online only)
[]3 players each control 1 character
]When a teamwork mechanic is attempted, all involved players will have to cooperate and communicate outside of the game. For example:

[INDENT=1]Say Player 1’s character is low and health, another teammate can press a button and swap in for that character and thus be in control (thus requiring actual teamwork and communication). In a similar fashion, players whose characters are not currently on the screen can choose to call their character’s assist by pressing a button. etc…[/INDENT]
This mode sounds amazing and is what i wanted out of MvC3 from the start. I think it would be an amazing addition and a fun new way to play.

[]Each player starts the match with 10 meters.
]Players do not regain meter at any time during the match.
Not only will this make for a much more strategic match (forcing players to choose between saving or permanently burning meter), but it will also be the ideal match for combo wizards. How often do we see youtube videos of **amazing **combos that can never be used in an actual match due to unpredictable meter gain? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could pull off your amazing combo as part of a match? I believe this is what Capcom had in mind when they talked about an infinite hype DLC mode. Unfortunately, having infinite hyper mode is not only useless (because of training mode) but will also make for a very boring match of players spamming hypers at each other. I believe having a high- albeit limited- number of hypers would solve this problem and make for a very fun mode.

I would actually Love a 1v1 or 2v2 mode hell for some characters it would be fun to try 1v2.