DLC Character Prologues

Blanka and Sakura

Bryan and Jack

Dudley and Elena

Guy and Cody

Lars and Alisa

Lei and Christie

And extras:



Oh dear Capcom, at least they not 100% done.

Aww shit Lei

YOOOO ELENA!!!.. I wanna cry now

All the characters above seem to be **LOCKED **disc content.

Wait how?

I want to see Elena in-game so badly. Also, Lars has brown hair now?

Shouldn’t take too long before someone hacks the game and makes them playable then.

I have the game right in front of me and somehow this has me more hyped than playing the game lol. Already changed my avatar.

The files for the characters are there.

I would if I could.

Time to get the pitch forks and torches out.

Are the characters actually on the disk or are there just a few files for them (like how Blazblue had the theme and artwork but not the actual character)?

So, I take it Megaman is doing it for the pussy?


I’m kind of scared to see how much this will all cost lol.

The roster looks good though.

Heh, I know how ya feel.

I need Guy in the game asap so I don’t get fully exposed… he’s the only character I play even remotely well in sf4… glad they got Elena back in a game, really surprised we don’t see Alex though

There are sound files, prolouges and endings for every character. I’m looking to see if there are more files somewhere. See If I can’t unlock them (don’t count on it).

Sigh that video of Lei and Christie made blood rush to my penis. And not because of Christie.

Hmm interesting maybe they did that so when we download the characters in the future, itll take less memory ?

Could be, ARCsys did something similar in BB:CS with their DLC characters.

How does Elena sound, If you don’t mind can you upload the voices please