DJMasters' Ticket To Evo Results

  1. LMC|Combusted
  2. Mr. Certified
  3. SRS|Call2Arms
  4. LMC|Jetquick
  5. Airbag
  6. SRS|JustJeff
  7. Uncle Matt
  8. Mario
  9. rgx
  10. Maximus Prime
  11. DJMasters
  12. Slaying_Legends
  13. Rex

This tournament was a success!! Good shit to Combusted taking the tourney AND the money match with Dios 5-4. Combusted also came back from losers to win 8 times in GF against Certified who put him in losers. Thank you Cody for the spot and the setups. Thank you to all the SDFGC that came out, especially the new guys, Max, Robert, Mario, Rex. Thanks to all the regulars who support TTF on a weekly basis. Without all you guys this would have been a bust. Im glad to have been a part of it and am looking forward to bettering the coommunity. Thanks again everyone.

What is it with me and 9th place. /salt