Django Unchained Actress Detained/Mistaken For Prostitute

This is a non-story and very misleading. The woman believes she was stopped for prostitution, the cops were just answering a lewdness call. If she didn’t freak out and walk away they probably would’ve just let them go anyway. But she opted to freak out, play the race card, and had to be handcuffed sui she didn’t have to do anything stupid. Then she cried like a little bitch instead of answering questions that would have taken a few minutes.

I had someone call the cops on me and my gf in the park when I was in college for the same thing. The cop jingled his keys and took his sweet time to make sure we were dressed (we were) and just said he had a call. Asked Joe old we were and then said to be careful of the neighbors around. He left and that was that.

In one fucking movie and thinks the world has to know who she is the fuck outta here.

if it was posted in the pr0n thread it would have a whole different meaning

Yeah, my first reaction is like, thats weird to go through all that, and then i read the story. Her boyfriend gave up his ID no problem, and what happened to him, nothing. She acted out, and refused to show her ID, and she got what was coming to her. The story i read a little of today was that someone saw them getting it on in the car and called the cops. Now if that is true, then why throw a hissy fit, and how naive are you that you think you would get arressted for someone thinking you were fucking in your car. Cops are just gonna show up to show up, ask a couple questions, and dip. They aint got time to try to lock you up over some he said, she said bullshit about fucking in a car.

I didnt bother listening to the audio tape going around today. Like, if they ran up on you checkin ID without reason, then i can see you having some resistance to the situation, but from the info i read, i didnt get that at all. Showing that little cut on her wrist, like she got beat down or some shit. Ive had deeper cuts making fucking sandwhiches. lol

Yeah, i just do not have a lot of sympathy for this incident at all. It sounds nice on the surface, and then 2 minutes of reading and youre like, oh this is some ole bullshit.

It was shown by TMZ that they were called for a couple having sex in public. The officers said they were having sex and she says they were just making out. Bystanders sided with the police but I don’t know if they had a clear view. I love the cop’s reaction to her saying it’s because they are an interracial couple. “Yeah, I’ve never heard someone bring up the race card before” or something like that. Fucking gold.

When you get in trouble by the fuzz you try to pull anything out of your ass so you can beat the charge. Woman didn’t even go to jail. Save that drama for your mama because I ain’t got time to listen to your bullshit.

Clearly she doesn’t care if people know the cops made a bad assumption. What she cares about are people seeing her being questioned and detained for prostitution by some people who will never find out if she actually did it and will probably assume she did. For kissing her man.

Still, as said, she should have just shown her ID.

She should have been detained by the FASHION police for wearing that train wreck! Am I right, ladies?

That’s right… this kitty has claws.

This bitch trying to make shit worse to get a reallity show

Just and FYI cite Washington v Gant 2008 probable cause must be specific to the individual being searched scent is not probable cause as it is specific to a certain area however not person specific.