DIY: Securing your loose Aluminum Bat top on your fight stick

Playing hard on your fight stick, does your aluminum bat top ever come loose? I found a solution to your loose aluminum bat top setup.

Rubber O-ring, I purchased an assorted set from Harbor Freight for like 10 bucks.

How to:
-Remove your aluminum bat top.
-Remove your sanwa bat top adapter.
-Find a o-ring that has the same diameter as the shaft cover.
-Place the o-ring above the shaft cover.
-Screw the sanwa bat top adapter (hand tight).
-Screw the the aluminum bat top, until it gets tight. The best way to do this to hold the stick diagonally, hold the shaft and screw the bat top.


Now you can use your fight stick and bat top is nice and secure and won’t come loose. :woot:

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Probably gonna get flamed for this but HOW DO I REMOVE THE BALL AND BAT?

…just sharing a tip.

I dont think he meant you would be flamed for this, Thanks for the tip!

Hold the screw on the bottom of the shaft and turn…

If I have a problem ball/bat top loosening. I just use white teflon tape for air powered tools.

I tried that, it kept getting loose. I got tired of opening it up 3-4 times. This rarely happened w/ the rubber bat tops, with the aluminum one its metal to metal. That’s why I came up w/ this.

I guess that works as well.

@eJay - Props to you for taking the time to share that with everyone. And good pics too.

Thanks for the feedback :tup:

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aaaaaand google saves the day. Going to try this because its the exact problem I have.
When I screw it one its either so lose it almost feels its going to fall off, or its almost imposseble to move the stick. Thanks

LOOOOL just notice its a 3 year old thread! <3 the interwebz