DIY Hitbox Directional Input Help Needed

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I’m making a Hitbox controller, specifically for PC, and need advice on how to program the directional buttons. I’ve tried x360ce but that requires vJoy which I can’t get to work with my controller for the life of me. The LP MP HP etc. are not an issue as you can map these in SFV itself, however there is no way to map directional inputs on a controller (you can however for keyboard).

Any advice greatly appreciated.


A .110 to 5-pin Conversion Harness is needed to split the 5-pin connection amongst 4 buttons (instead of joystick). No software required.

However, only .187 to 5-pin conversion harnesses are available in the UK. Can the .187 connectors be bent or fastened to fit or would replacing them with seperate .110 connectors be simple enough?

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Good to hear that you found the part that you needed.

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