DIY coin mechanisms?

Anyone here ever build a simple DIY coin slot into a stick or mame cab?
I’ve had this perverse idea to put a slot into my next homebuilt stick.

Essentially my idea is not for accuracy but for the formality of inserting a quarter.
I can just mount a normal HAPP style switch so that the trigger nub blocks the bottom half of a coin slot right?
Granted it won’t be a natural coin “drop” I’d have to push it in quickly so the finger doesn’t grip and stick the coin in the slot.

Just a thought.
I might even be able to make a separate little box for coin insertion and use an Arduino to emulate a keyboard key press.

Use a levered switch, and find a softer switch. That should reduce any jamming.

How bout just get an actual Coin acceptor.

Like one of these? Or are you talking about the kind with the roller on the tip of the lever?
I didn’t realize they have lower actuation force. Or does the bar help to press the coin to the back?

That’s actually a fairly good price. Kind of bulky if I do end up putting it into a joystick though.
I kind of wanted to engineer my own solution if possible though.

You could reverse engineer their designs. Maybe harvest some parts.