DIY Button Harness Video Tutorial

I couldn’t find a video on this, so I went ahead and made one. Make your own button harness.

nice tutorial! ill be modding my atrox with a UFB soon so this was perfect timing. gotta keep those wires looking clean :slight_smile:

This will definitely come in handy for the next mod I’m doing. Thanks!

ive been thinking about using techflex on all my mods

looks so clean

looks clean man… too much crimps IMHO…

that’s just me… seriously only me… (see signature)

Impressive harness. You have a pleasant voice for tutorials. I also enjoyed the appearance of your four-legged friend.

What size Techflex and heat shrink did you use?

I too love to solder and weirdly like the smell of smoking hot flux.

I believe both are 3/8" but I bought locally and since have thrown the packaging away.

Will take a look, thanks for posting

Thanks for the vid.

Was saying to a mate of mine that there wasn’t any wiring harness tutorials, this should be perfect, thanks!

Thank you for the video, this will definitely be useful.

Can you describe the difference in how you would connect a ground wire without a loop? Some harnesses I’ve seen use a different wire for ground on each button, and while I like how it looks I’m not sure how that would connect back to the PCB.

I have not personally taken one of these apart to see exactly how they are wired. I can imagine that all the ground wires can be soldered to each other on the pcb side of the harness with one wire connecting them all to the PCB. This method will definitely work, but I am not sure if that is what other harness makers are doing.

Anybody have any input on this?

Good job! I’m sure it will help a lot of people out.

@DeeQue I was at the electronics store and now I know for sure I used 3/8 sleeving.

Thanks for confirming. I already got the 3/8 Tech Flex, but it’s nice to know it is, indeed, what you used!

I do not like how the tubing is already frayed in the packaging.
Tech flex slveeving should be cut with heated implements, heated.

Techflex branded sleeving will always usually come cut with a hot knife. This generic stuff was not so I ended losing a little off each end. This is from the Kiesub electronics down the street from my work.

i watched your video and went to go get some braided sleeves – ended up with 1/4" sleeves from my local fry’s (no 3/8" size there, unfortunately)

but i made my first set of wire harnesses just fine! really happy with the way my stick looks inside. thanks a bunch

finally used the harness I made in this video

also wrapped my joystick harness and made a little one for start, select and home

Looks good fundando! Here’s a sneak peak at the inside of my arcade stick, the MK II. The harness was made following the video. The case is black acrylic, so sorry if it’s not easier to see stuff.

MK I: (my old arcade stick, without wire management)


MK II: (new arcade stick with wire management)


A wee bit cleaner huh? Still need to wire up the Uno R3 and the lights, then she’s ready for war!

The only difference between this and the video was:

-I didn’t shrink wrap between the wires. The tech flex I got was pretty rugged and I didn’t see it tearing. Hope I won’t regret that.

-The PCB has an independent ground for all the buttons, so only the Joystick is in a daisy chain. in hindsight, the joystick was a lot easier to wire up for that very reason. /regrets

-I soldered instead of crimped, Not sure if it gets an ed1371 stamp of approval or not.