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Divekick Trailer 3/17/2013

Oh hello there. I heard you guys like divekicks, so I made a game where they do 1 billion damage. No joystick, no blocking, just pure testosterone.

head explodes

lol! Could have been 1:32 shorter, but still neat.

I’ll bet in UMVC3:X they’ll give wolverine 3 different types of divekicks, so the lil’ rabid troll can spam them from any angle he wants.

This shit is legit.

Funniest shit ever tier:

2:Lord Knight’s Cross Assualt submission video.

This was simply godlike

Wesker: “Why don’t I have a divekick?”:sad:

Trish: “Because you’re NOT cool enough! Hahahaha”

Wesker walks away in shame because no one wants to play him

Dive >>>>>> Kick


Kick is black, he obviously jumps higher, but Dive is asain, so he must kick faster.

It’s perfectly balanced.

Besides Kick’s hat, that shit is so swag it breaks reality.

I will laugh so hard if there’s actually slight balance tweaks between Dive and Kick.

GGPO support plz.

We are breaking stereotypes here. You have it backwards. Dive jumps higher. Kick kicks faster.

Dat 3 frame delay deciding the entire match.

Oh snap.


Did you not see that video, there are fucking SOULS on the line here!

Stick to what you know, pick your character, bet your soul, and hold that shit.

Nerf Dive, buff Kick

Uncle Sensei for DLC

They are not the same at all.

Is there only one location?

Can players pick both dive, or is it dive/kick?

Are the tracksuits there for aerodynamics?


Is there a code to do mirror matches?


so much strategies to fight against Dive. Like, should I dive before Dive dives? What if Dive kicks before Kick kicks?

and does the backwards hat make your hitbox slightly bigger?!

Right now, New Angle Dojo is the only stage, but we will add one more two more before UFGT8 if things go well.

You can mirror match no problem.

The tracksuits are there for style!

Good questions!