Dive kicks

Hello, I hope you can help to understand how it works in v2012… so, basically all kind of dive kicks may be safe or not, depending on the distance from the opponent? And the hitstun/blockstun depends also on this, right? But how much might it vary? Sometimes I thought I had enough blockstun to start a safe string, but I had no time to press cr.lp that I got a shoryuken/spinning pile driver…
The twins dive kicks now look very different from Rufus’ (which are usually safe). I wonder why the developers made this difference…

Apparently, this is what they changed:

Raigeki Shu
Increased command input height restriction. Changed landing stun from 4F to 6F. Lengthened hit stun and block stun by 2F

In which case, it only affects empty dive kicks or focused dive kicks. Even with the height restriction, dive kicks still work pretty much the same: they get you in fast and are difficult to react.

By the way, if you know what your opponent is gonna do when they block a dive kick, use it to your advantage. If they dp, block and punish, if they mash SPD, backdash and punish or blow right through it with upkicks. Be unpredictable and make them scared.

then… this means that if I do dive kick > cr.lp… and get a shoryuken in between, it’s me who mistime it? Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll practice more

If you land the dive kick too high, you’ll be at a disadvantage. Usually, if you hit it above the shoulder, you can get punished pretty easily. Even a low dive kick, if blocked, will not give you enough frame advantage to safely link a jab with no gaps in between. As long as there’s a gap, he can squeeze in an SRK, because it’ll beat your jab even if it came first.

Ahhhh, now I see. So it depends on where it lands. Thanks!

Aim bellow their Knee, and then you will get + frame on block. But for cross up, Im lost now. I still cannot cross up properly after 2012, too hard to aim for the back of their knee

Meaty dive kick cross-ups, I feel, are more a question of timing than aiming. You just have to go to training mode and practice it.

yeh they have to be properly meaty to link jab afterwards or it always hits too high

yeah, I noticed… but it’s kind of hard to determine the proper distance… lk one is never meaty

Actually, that’s the version you’re supposed to use to do a meaty cross-up.

ah, got it! Thanks!