Dive kick counter strategy

I have problem to face character with dive kick, cammy, yun, yang…etc. I played 10 games last night against a cammy and lost 10 straight games.

Dive kick is so unpredictable, its fast and also a good cross up tool. As a gen player, what is the most effective way to counter dive kick? which anti-air works better, ex-Gekiro or mantis heavy kick? or should I wait for the block string after dive kick?

In a wake up situation after hard knocked down, is it better to block or anti-air a dive kick attack?

use all defensive options vs dive kicks, which include sMP mantis, ex gekiro, backdash, focus backdash etc

walk backwards to mess with their divekick spacing and punish the whiff

if they’re neutral jumping a lot, go straight for a crane j.HP on reaction

Into Crane U1 – oh, the beauty.

I actually find Crane U2 quite good against people that love jumping.