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It’s been a while since I posted some non-MSPaint stuff. Last year I bought myself a tablet for the first time, and since then have been making an effort to go fully digital with my works.

I unfortunately lost my old external HD, which had ALL of my works from 2010…which was the worst ever. Fortunately I uploaded my better works on Deviantart so all isn’t totally lost. I’ll just post a few in chronological order.



Eventually I switched to SAI and started using PS only for touchups.

Early this year:


Just finished this one a few minutes ago:


I’m going to create a new portfolio from scratch, and I’ll be posting most of them on here. Feel free to comment, critique, etc.

P.S.- DA page, if you’re interested.

I know I’ve commented on your DA before, but damn you seriously leveled up since then! Getting progressively better each time I see something new from you. With each piece, you can really see how comfortable you’ve gotten with the colors which compliment the already great linework. You also seem to be comfortable in doing more poses this time around, messing with perspective and actually drawing full body shots rather than just the upper torso of previous work. And you’ve also perfected the art of hatching, if you hadn’t already before. The hatching on Phoenix; is simple, subtle and pretty damn intimidating but also inspiring at the same time. Its scary how good you’re getting! Really jealous of the skills being sharpened here, I feel like an old genin suddenly seeing friends turn into chunins or something.

Its also great to see you haven’t abandoned us at the ms paint thread just yet. Didn’t get to comment on the MS paint pieces you did, but I love what you did there in making the bold lines look like japanese brush strokes. It reminded me of some AKIMAN mixed with AKU…or AKUMAN. Still don’t know how you got those grays to mix in like it was photoshop. That MS paint on windows 7 seems really tempting right about now.

Anyway great work man! Glad to see you finally got you’re own thread on here, it deserves any of the attention it can get and then some.

A Rogue sketch I just cooked up. It’s on MSPaint 7, but it’s not really Capcom-related so I’m opting to post it here instead of the other thread.


really liking the Rogue and the Chun pics. If they were more more fleshed out at the hips, they’d be perfect.
the sketch of the guy is great! The lighter lines really give it a different feel.

great work! i love the rogue and elena pieces

Followed on DA.

lol, Mami…

I know right? :V

A little preview of my next picture, fanart of a friend’s original character. I’m gonna clean up the skirt and color it tomorrow. There’s no nudity or anything, but I’m not sure if I can post this. For those of you at work or school I’ll link it. Click at your own risk I guess.


Whoa, the confidence in your pencils and posing are really starting to show! The cleanliness also adds another layer to the professional look. Also, I really like the simple curves you put in making the feet and legs.

The picture is pretty tame compared to the other stuff on SRK. Some gif images used for avatars are a little more explicit than that. But thanks for the warning! And great work once again.

Welp, finished coloring it. Took longer than I had expected, mainly because of human error.


Skullgirls fanart ahh~


Probably the first piece of fanart for the game. I didn’t even know there were other characters besides the two shown in demo footage.

I’ve been following the project for a while, when they introduced the early designs for all the characters. Her design appealed to me the most. Kinda strange, considering she’s the most normal looking of the bunch, heh.

And there’s strangely Skullgirls fanart on Pixiv, some are pretty good. Seriously, you can find nearly ANYTHING on that site(even Simpsons fanart…)

I’ve been trying a different approach to outlining lately. I played with the opacity of the brush, so instead of just coming out instantly thick the lines come out thinner and cleaner. I think it’s a pretty good progress.

More Skullgirls, haha. I’m gonna clean up the hair some more, but for the most part it’s come out cleaner than my past stuff I think.

EDIT: Finished with the coloring. Here is the final result:


Good to see your work improving. Reminds me that I gotta start drawing more than just muscly old men.

The lines on the Rogue sketch are pretty baller.

i like the ones where you use lots of line strokes to shade, that stuff looks impressive

New picture. …that’s all I have to say, I’m dead tired from doing this one.



I never would’ve imagined seeing those two in relation to macho man, but the characters really are a perfect match for 80’s wrestling and you pulled it off seamlessly! A fitting tribute to not only Macho Man, but also 3rd strike, final fight, and 80’s era nostalgia.

Also, having Bill Duke as an avatar is both intimidating and awesome at the same time. Adding another element to the nostalgia factor.

Thanks. And actually, I found the Bill Duke picture from Pixiv. Seriously, Commando fanart of all things…

like the art pal. I could learn a thing or two from this thread