Disney Fighting game

Disney VS. Capcom - please capcom!

A Disney VS. game would rock!!!

made by capcom of course.

Aladdin, Jafar, Genie and Buzz Lightyear for top tier.

Buzz can tri-jump, Oh snap!

This is the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

It’s Goofy time.

Dare I say, Kingdom Hearts?

Micky = Broken

So, who’s the boss of this game: evil-eyed Michael Eisner?

Aladdin point w/ Genie assist = GGPO.


Same thing your mom said to your dad right before they had you.

Grown up Simba ftw.

Id also put my money on the Beast (Beauty n da BEAST).

Hahaha i can picture that fucking clock as the servebot of the game.

i suppose woody=low tier?

A lasso and some lame taunt to boost attack “theres a snake in my boot”

Shin mickey Aka steamboat willy-top tier


Mickey/Pluto = new Strider/Doom. Bet that shit.

Snow White could have a super with 7 dwarfs like T. Bonne lunch rush super in mvc2.

Aladdin would be mid tier if he didnt have two bars of Denjin Lamp, where you just mash the buttons on knockdown and rape their ass on wakeup.

Pooh on point with Tigger AA would own all.