Disney Buying Up Your Childhood

going for Transformers and GI Joe now???

I’m scared :frowning:

Disney was my childhood. This is just them putting everything else I was into in the same place.

:coffee: I wonder what the robot form of The Millenium Falcon will be? :coffee:

Hasbro has already denied this claim: http://news.providencejournal.com/business/2012/11/kostrzewa---wall-street-focuses-on-spike-in-hasbro-stock.html

So, Ponies will not be made into a Disney cross-over anytime soon (Don’t post any of that fan-art shit either)

I wish Disney would buy my adulthood.

I wouldn’t doubt it, since Disney has been pretty much acting like a Beverly Hills housewife with a limitless credit card.

My counter argument to Disney buying the Transformers franchise being considered as a bad thing.
Robot Tesicles.

Right? While Hasbro has already denied the claim, I don’t see how Disney buying Hasbro would be a bad thing. Never have to worry about transformer humping ever again. That’s a fucking good thing.

transformer humping?


OH GOD. what have I done

I forgot. It’s already too late. The virus has spread.

did they fully deny it, or just deny knowledge of it?

I don’t see this as a bad thing. Hasbro has been kind of iffy in their decision-making lately. Michael Bay
While they’re at it, they should buy Capcom and tell them to stop being stupid.



I had to get this one because its hilarious. Gave one of his sabers to a MEGABLOKS covenant Weapons pack dude who didn’t have a plasma sword.[/details]

I’d be OK with Disney buying Transformers. I mean let’s face it, you can’t fuck up Transformers any more than it already has been.

Disney can buy whatever they want so long as they don’t buy it to shut it down.

I don’t think that they have any right to do this.
Your childhood belongs to me and me alone.

My childhood was Studio Ghibli. Fight me.

I don’t see a problem. If it was EA or Activision then I’d understand. I haven’t seen any dirty tactics from Disney, and Marvel doesn’t appear to have changed for the worse as a direct result of their acquisition.