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SRK Smash now is part of Discord. https://discord.gg/cGv4rpv

Please let us know in this thread if the above link no longer works.

For those looking for the old goonsmash IRC, below will contain what you are looking for.


Joining The Battle
For all your matchmaking needs, I shall point you to #goonsmash which is at the following server for those of you familiar with IRC clients):

[*] irc.synirc.net - all locales

Channel name is #goonsmash

The mibbit link to said channel is http://client00.chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.synirc.net&channel=%23goonsmash

Registering With NickServ For Fun And Profit
Once you have joined, you may want to assure your nick stays yours, rather than some poser wanting to make you look bad. Fortunately, this is possible! NickServ is a server bot that manages user nick registration, thus assuring you are always you.

In order to register, you must send a private message to NickServ within your IRC window (mibbit included). If you use alternate nicks, be sure to be on your primary nick. The syntax specifically would be:

/msg NickServ register <password> <email>

Replace with a password of your choosing, and with your email address. An email should be sent to you from PSIGenix IRC Services with a message like the following:

Simply copy the line at the end into the IRC window and you should be registered! Now every time you log into the IRC, you will be asked from NickServ for your password. If you do not supply it within a time, you will be renamed.

Have more than one nick you use regularly and want to hoard them all? There’s a command for that. Group! Hop onto your alternate nick then follow this syntax:

/msg NickServ group <main nick> <password>

Replace with the nick you did the above registration with and the same password for that registration for . This will add that nick to a group plan of sorts. Any nick under the group will need the same password confirmation that your main nick needs.

For more functions of NickServ, see the below spoiler.

[details=Spoiler][list][*]Auto-Join - Sets up channels to automatically join upon identifying. Useful if you are wanting to join on multiple channels on login at once on Mibbit.

/msg NickServ AJOIN ADD <nick> <channel>

Remove channels by changing ADD to DEL

[*]Alias Grouping - Sets alternate nicks to be tied to a registered nick.

/msg NickServ GROUP <main nick> <password>

Remove nicks from the group by changing GROUP to UNGROUP. To see the list of groups, use GLIST (no parameters).

Identify - The process of logging into a registered nick. NickServ usually prompts you with the instructions every time you change to the registered nick or login with it, but if not…

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>

[*]Password Reset - If you’ve forgotten your password, this will essentially email you the password reset process.

/msg NickServ RESETPASS <nick> <email>

Note that just because you include an email in the command does not mean you can use any email - it must be the one used to register with.

[*]Information Updates - All done through the SET command.
For changing the email, use

/msg NickServ SET EMAIL <email>

For changing the password, use

/msg NickServ SET PASSWORD <new password>


also if you own an android device you can download an app on the google play store called andchat to log into the irc.

it’s very user friendly and convenient.

What about ios you climhazzard

Yeah all you have to do is smash your ios device and buy an android cause ios sucks

Added #goonsmash for those who bitch about not finding anyone on #srk-smash coughworstirccough :wonder:

They play PM there sometimes though, can’t have that can we?

Not anymore you can’t :coffee:

ok so if you’re using the andchat app on android here are the settings.

name under server details
srk smash or whatever you want to call it
i use
you should use the server closer to you but whatever it’ll work
under port 6667

user details you can set the irc names you commonly use
under autojoin list type

Discord for all of us!

Cynt cant rule us forever

Your link expired buddy.

What the hell? That should have been permanent, hang on:

Expired again.

You know… If you’re going to sticky a Discord link, you might want to make sure the link isn’t expired.

Dumb bots

Im removing this link as the discord has been invaded by a few b9ts. If you want to join just pm me and ill send a link