Disconnection error bp bye bye

I know this question may already have been answered but I was just wondering if anyone else got a disconnection error tonight happened to me 3 times in a row lost 450bp don’t want to keep going online if this will keep happening any advice is grateful. P.S 1st post ever

This has happened to me a lot online since 1.07 update. It’s just one of the risks of going online playing ranked. I’m hoping they fix this problem in 2013 and I’m willing to bet this problem probably comes from the fact that local pair play users are on an entirely different BP scale than everyone else.

I’m wondering if XBL has the same problem of randomly losing BP for no reason like that.

Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah it’s annoying just got the B rank now I’m 400bp away from 5000bp I thought I might have something wrong. Just have to win back the points hope it doesn’t happen tomorrow fingers crossed