Dirtiest, Meanest players in an online game

Hello guys
I am playing sf4 championship mode for a while and i progressed to g2 c. Anyway i played many games, in some of them i got totally owned, in some of them it was the opposite. I won some by luck, i lost some by luck. I played many great games that ended closely too. I am playing video games more than 10 years and i can tell you that sf4 players are the dirtiest, meanest of all. I never stated to somebody that i owned them after i won a game or i never said somebody that they suck. However i get messages often when i lose or win ( doesnt matter, mostly when i win) that i suck and many bad words following it. Wake up people ! This is a game, i play this game for having fun and i know most of us do that. If you can not accept a loss, dont play this game. If somebody sucked and you won the game. Its allright. But why the hell you message and boast yourself and make others angry? Are you mentally sick ? Guys? I dont know your intellectual level but there are lousy guys who make no sense at all after a game. This is a game, i dont care about how i or you play and i dont state anything about it. So, why the hell many players need to attack to other when they lose ( mostly ) ? Players who progressed to g2 or further have played more than 800 games, playing a single game badly doesnt make them noob or scrub. Even if they are that doesnt mean we have a right to tell them. Games are played for entertainment, if you are so confident , go to a tournament and prove your point, i dont care. But just be human here, and before making stupid statements and comments after losing a game, come to your senses as this is just a game and we dont need your lousy talk.

Have you never been on the internet before? Good grief, this should hardly be a surprise.

Lol. :rofl::rofl:

Did you join SRK just to post that?

Playing online doesn’t mean crap so in turn there;s no reason to get upset from your end, either

I didnt join SRK to post that and what is the purpose of that question ? What do u mean playing online doesnt mean crap? Who said it`s crap ? Did you read my message completely or you just comment by reading the subject ?

it’s a figure of speech. substitute the word “anything” for “crap” if you like.

i read your post. i agree with you, though i fortunately have not received much negative messages from fellow players.
but as a couple have already said, it’s the internet. it’s part of the experience.

That doesn`t mean it has to be like that.

You’re a long way from home, cupcake - I’ll start a tab.

First of all, the original Counterstrike, in my opinion, boasts the most ignorant player base ever to be found on earth. Comparitively, SF4 is enlightening.

Intellect has nothing to do with this - smart people are perfectly capable of being assholes. For example, I could point out that the lack of capitalization when you use the pronoun “I” suggests a lack of confidence on your part, which would explain why you posted what you did. It’s an asshole thing to write but it also requires a bit of intelligence.

In any case, I suggest using shoryuken.com to level up your game as much as possible while finding matches against people who aren’t idiotic assholes. Complaining on this forum will not get you far, and pointing out that the internet has mean, ignorant people is pretty much like saying the world itself has mean, ignorant people. It’s obvious and gets nothing done.

No disrespect.

And you’re right, it doesn’t have to be like that. Realistically, however…



could have maybe added this in the bad games thread or something. Really dont need a thread like this in the PSN boards.

If its just a game why you whinning like a bitch about it grow some balls and learn to talk some crap or you’ll get eatin alive with all thhose precious feelings you hold inside.

Be careful with your words ! Why the hell you post here. Its not a thing you can understand. So dont frakking force your mind here. Get the hell out

lol wut… have you never been on the interwebs, or are you a by-product of an overly sheltered youth?

Anonymity strokes e-peens: Fact.

If you can’t laugh at the stupidity of some of the messages you receive, then you should probably be playing Viva Pinata or something.

Then an administrator shall move this topic.

I’m sorry for calling you a scrub and a noob…also a idiot.

I don`t know you

needs more Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory

It’s pretty simple really.

In the words of internet play…“Cry Moar”!

HDR hate message thread 1282 posts long…

SF4 hate message thread 4100 posts long…

I guess we are mean motherfuckers :blush:

The best advice I’ve read on this forum…

I would take that advice.
Some idiots post here like im crying,no i dont, i do answer them in same style , dont worry. You get what you ask for !!! But i dont need to deal with all this nonsense. Anyway who doesnt care, dont frakking care, haters frak off already

Hey, I’m sure the most humble players feel your pain but like someone mentioned before this is nothing new to online gaming whether it’s via chat or hatemail? That applies to any competitive online gaming not just fighting games. Anyways, in this loving community of SRK, there’s threads to point out topics such as this in the Bad Games threads for each most played fighting game. People usually post there to make other gamers like yourself aware of the online douches that lurks about spreading their hate on innocent winners! :rofl: So go ahead and give it a whirl, you might find yourself posting there more often than you want. LOL

SF4 Bad Games Thread…