Dingoo A320

Most have you have probably heard of this little beast by now, MP3, movie playback and Roms galore from NES all the way to MAME and CPS1 and CPS2.

There are a few videos around of people playing WW and CE but wanted to know if 3rd strike even ran on it? There doesnt seem to be a difinitive list on compatibility.

If so, its well worth the 70 (70 USD for most you guys, lucky bastards) to be sitting on the bus on the way to work, stunning people with makoto or EX tengu juggles with Oro…

calms down

No, 3S doesn’t run on it, because 3S is a CPS-3 game, which the Dingoo doesn’t emulate.

Fun system though.

I would definitely like to here any reports on how well it performs, especially on CPS2, Neogeo, and CPS2 roms. Just because it can play those, doesn’t means it plays them well. I guess Im trying to decide if this little toy is worth it when I think I can do almost everything it does on my CFW PSP.

It depends on what it’s playing really. Some stuff runs well, some runs a little slow.

I’ve yet to come across a CPS1-2 or MVS game that’s “unplayable”. But with stuff like fighting games or shooters a little bit of slowdown can be really noticeable.

I can put some vids up if enough people are interested of the arcade emulation.

Don’t bother with the Dingo!

The capabilities of a CFW PSP completely blow it away! There are many good condition Phat PSPs going around e-bay for about $70 too, installing the firmware is easy, and afterwards its an AMAZING handheld console.

PSPs are even easy to repair and upgrade parts for.

Easily the superior handheld EMU system out there today.

A CFW PSP can do everything it does and more.

I’ve seen the vids and dingo has a tough time with Marvel Super Heroes, and Marvel Vs Capcom is not playable at all on its emus. The Genesis stuff runs subpar as well.

While the Genesis and CPS2 emus for PSP have great compatibility/performance.

My biggest problem with the PSP is that it’s gigantic.

Easily the least portable handheld I’ve ever owned. It’s like carrying a TV remote from 1986 in your pocket.

Hey you don’t say that! lol yea I love my CFW psp but I do have to agree with the fact that it’s a little big.

The affordability, fantastic performance and versatility of the system along with its large display, make up for the size cons.

Sometimes they do yeah.

I like my PSP for traveling, and for using at home on the couch and stuff like that.

But I take my Dingoo to work with me so I can keep it in my pocket and use it on breaks with a lot less hassle.

They both work fine for me.

looks like the bottom half of a DS lite.

I own a dingoo because I didn’t want a massive psp in my pocket and I can say i’m quite happy with it. The normal firmware that comes with it is pretty decent. GBA runs flawless from what I play.

Sega, and snes emulation aren’t perfect. Although putting linux on the dingoo greatly helps these emulations. I haven’t messed around with the mame yet but I heard it was good.

Overall I really enjoy this unit for what its worth. Watching videos on it is also pretty sick

How do some of the heavier MVS titles run? Like WakuWaku 7, later Metal Slugs, 02-03 KoF, etc. I’d like one of these since the size is perfect for what I’m looking for (keeping it in my pocket at work) but I want to be able to play some Sengoku 3 or Eco-Fighters with no issues.