Dimension - When Worlds Collide

I would like to create an environment where games like :

Dream Matches

The VS series and Capcom Fighting Evoution

could exist

Basicly this is the SF RPG , but with a fresh start.

So anyone looking to join can join now and not worry about feeling out of place.

This is basiclly Marvel vs Capcom on crack.

Any fighter can be in this story.

{ Here’s a good place to pick one…

{ For now here is the story backdrop to kick things off !! } :karate:

This evil king is looking for someone to take over his kingdom. So he decides to searh any and every dimension to find someone worthy enough.

Meanwhile in there own respected universe { the world of street fighter, King of Fighter’s etc etc } The Fighter’s notice rips in the sky.

People disapear and end up in another version of there world,

Chaos everywhere !!

{ time lines don’t matter, so Samurai Showdown can mix it up with Guilty Gear . etc etc}

and characters can be made up or from any fighting game :karate:

Character one

Character 1.

Gabriel Ryu : Decendent of the Endless
Height: 167 cm (5’6")
Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs.) Born on May 1. 19 years old.

Serves Nina.

Not much else in known about him since he’s always quiet.

He looks like this :


You can click on the arrow to make it bigger :pleased:

Full Name: Sol Badguy
Age: ?
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Nationality: USA
Quickie fact: Likes Queen’s music
Signature move: Tyrant Rave

Once a subject of biological weapon research, Sol has spent the last 150 years living as a bounty hunter in order to conceal his past. He tries to eliminate all Gears and the scientists who created them. However, he doesn’t know his own origins… He once joined the Sacred Knights but didn’t get along with Ky, so he left, stealing the Fuenken sword. Sol is also a Gear, and after defeating Dizzy he let her live out of pity.


Gabriel enters the church. It’s dark in there. The perfect atmosphere. Gabriel hated to move around in the light. His job required him to travel around in the night. The less people that knew him the better.

That wasn’t the only the reason though . He felt comfortable not being seen. That’s the way it’s always been. His father was a night shifter, and it’s been that way forever. He knew nothing else.

" Nina ? " Gabriel called out. Gabriel could feel her presence all arond him. Her sweet smell intoxicated him. Gabriel has served her since he was nine years old. Ten years later she still is mysterious and send’s shivers down his spine whenever he’s in her prescence. " You are in need of my power ? "

" All the worlds are going to collide. " Nina’s voice was sweet noise in Gabriel’s ears. " Someone is calling for Destruction."

Gabriel witnesses the room glow and become engulfed in bright light. Nina stood in the center of the room staring into his soul.

" I choose you Gabriel. You must warn the other warriors. You have never failed me in the past. Please stop this from happening !" Gabriel nodded .

Nina held her chest and squinted in pain.

" What’s the matter ? "

Nina fell to the floor in pain. “When people from the other worlds interact with one another our world will slowly fade away.”

" What Do you mean ?" Gabriel felt his heart drop.

“First everyone will age rapidly. The sky will glow red and the environment will deterioate. Eventuality I will disappear as this lands protector, and so will this world…”

" That won’t happen. I won’t fail you !" Gabriel wraped his arm’s around her. " You saved me , so I’ll save you"

Nina lauged " You were pretty helpless back then. " She stood up and smiled at Gabriel. " Here , you have earned this…" she reached out and touched Gabriel’s head.

" What this?.."

" I trust you Gabriel. Your world is in your hands…" Gabriel felt his head grow foggy. " I’m shifting you to another world. Gabriel when you…" Her voice was cut off… Gabriel could only hear the sound of wind . The cold breeze swept all over his body.

" Shit …" Gabriel said.He awoke to a spliting headache and a pinched nerve in his neck. “That hurt. Now where am I ?..”

Character 2

Serge Rainstorm

Fighting style : Mizukami.

Height: 169 cm (5’6")
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs.)
Born on July 15. 19 years old.

Power : Midnight Hell a huge ki blast

    Wonderland : A finshing move . Starts out as a combo attack. End's with a ki blast in your mouth. 

Mission : To continue the merge of worlds.

looks like this :


SOL Badguy stood by himself ontop of a canyon. As he saw the dimensional rift, He thought that he might have some decent ass to kick. He picked up his Fire Seal(Sword) and headed into the rift.

Gabriel vs Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy could feel his whole body going numb as he charged into the rift.

It wasn’t long before he was consumed with bright lights and loud noise.
His ears were filled with the loud scream of a siren.

" Shit this is fun " Sol smirked.

He was going so fast that his eyes started to tear when he opened them.

Eventully he ended up on the other end where his face was greeted with the pavement.

" …" Sol Bad guy stood up and brushed himself off. He turned to see a young man with jet black hair staring at him.

" You got a problem kid ? " Sol frowned.

" You’re not from this world. you’re the one whose trying to fuse the dimensions !!"

" What’s your name kid ? " Sol stood in his trademark pose.

" Gabriel " … The young boy drew his sword and entered a fighting stance.

" Gabriel huh ? " Sol tilted his head. " I didn’t expect to kick ass so soon. Let’s go boy ! Don’t hold back !!! "

" Arrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh !!!" Gabriel charged leaving behing a huge dust cloud behind.

Sol blocked Gabriel first couple of swings with ease. " You won’t be allowed to destroy innocent lives !!! Gabriel screamed

Sol head butted Gabriel sending him flying back to wear he was standing before.

" Kid you talk too much. " He flew up and stomped on Gabriel’s stomache.

The force of Sol’s boot forced blood to gush out of Gabriel’s mouth.
" God Damn murder…" Gabriel took the hidden dagger he kept by his ankle and flung it at Sol Badguy’s face.

Sol doged it with ease by slightly tilting his head. “Arrrrh !!!” Gabriel screamed as he followed up by slaming his fist into Sol’s head. Sol stumbled back a little.
He continued to hit Sol with different kick’s and punches each making contact but none of them enough to knock him down. " I’ll Kill you !!! "

Sol caught Gabriel’s fist and squeezed it. " That’s enough…" Sol swungs his arm and smiled as he heard it snap. After Gabriel screamed he tossed him into a wall.

" So what is it kid are you a Gear or something ? Or do they call you something else where come from ? " Sol walked over to the boy who clenched his arm in pain.  " Are you a demon maybe ?" 

" You’re the one whose a demon …" blood driped out of gabriel’s mouth when he spoke.

" Big mouth for such a runt. " Sol picked Gabriel up by his shirt. " You right I’m evil. But I’m not the enemy you are looking for…"

Gabril spit a blob of blood in Sol;'s face. " Bastard. " Sol whisperd as he wiped it off. " Fine you want to die ? !!! "

Sol tossed him back on the ground. "Later Kid !! "

Gabriel saw the ki surround Sol Badguy. " Nina…" Gabriel felt the pressure of dissapointment and Failure weigh heavy on himself.

" Tyrant Rave !!! " the blast consumed Gabriel and everything went black.

Sol Badguy

Sol stood over the badly burnt Gabriel. For someone reason he held back enough power to spare the kid. He got the same feeling when he spared Dizzy.

" Lucky Bastard…" Sol picked up Gabriel and threw him over his shoulder. " grr… What the hell am I doing? "

Sol headed into a nearby city. thoughts of his past actions and what lead him to now spun in his head.

He followed the road to the cities slums. " This kid can’t die yet …" He went into first inn he came across and checked in. He told the innkeeper he had to much to drink and to ignore the smell.

After he droped gabriel off he went out to find something to drink.

Several Hours later he found himself on the highest building he could find. He was having a hard time figureing out what he should do next. As he stared at the sky he was hyponitized by the colors.

" The sky wasn’t always like this ya know ? " sol barely turned around , just enough to see what the old lady looked like.

" You don’t say. You mind telling me why you’ve been following me since I left that inn? " Sol took a sip of his beer.

" That sky has been that way since Garra 's soul has been activated . I’m afraid this world dosen’t have much time left. "
The old woman sat next to Sol Badguy.

" Listen lady I’ve got my own problems. If you’re not going to tell me why your following me, Get lost !!" Sol growled.

" I’ve should of known by the way he never aged…" A tear flowed from her face. " We knew each other since we were little. I can’t say I had the best parents. The beating were regular and hard . They usually took turns."

Sol stoped and gave the old lady eyecontact.

" We met on one of the many times I ran away from home. He called himself Serge. He gave me a place to stay and food to surive on. "

" He nevertalked about himself or where he worked. Only one time he metioned that he wasn’t going to ’ stay in this world much longer.’ "

Sol empyted his bottle off the side of the building. " Eventully I fell in love with him " The old lady continied " One night I woke up and realized he was missing. I went up stairs and heard him talking to himself. This continued everynight. The same creepy messages and phrase. "

" One night I finally got the courage to ask him what he was doing…" The old lady broke into tears. " He…"

Sol stood quiet. He wasn’t the person for this kind of crap. She mustered the courage to finish.
" I am positive the world will dissapear if he’s not stopped."

" I’m a bounty hunter. I don’t do charity. " Sol interupted.

" That’s not a problem " The old lady begged. " I’ve saved money for a long time .

Sol frowned. " Why me ? "

" the people from other dimension give off the same aura as you do. When I felt your aura , I knew you had the power to stop Serge! " The old lady handed Serge the money from her purse.

" Other people ? " Sol Badguy asked " I’m not the first ? "

The old lady looked down. " I think that’s how he get’s the power that 's destroy’s our world." Sol gave her a funny look. " So far every person that’s came to this world , Serge has drained and killed."

Suddenly Sol was overcome with a bad feeling.

Gabriel’s destiny

Gabriel stood up on the bed he woke up on. His body ached all over. As he limped to the window the past events slowly entered his mind .

“That damn bastard…” Gabriel remembered the cocky fighter who kicked his ass. Who was he ? he asked himself.

If it was the evil that nina told him about then he would be dead now right?

Gabriel chanted one of the healing spells he learned from nina a long time ago. He could feel the pain slipping away. Slowly his breathing turned to normal and his vision cleared up.

Gabriel searched the closet for a change of cloths and made do with what he found. " I gotta find that guy one more time . " He said out loud.
" I misjudged him but I’m sure he’s from another Dimension. I gotta find out how he traveled here…"

Kyo Kusanagi looked at the sky. He sat with his girlfriend Yuki. Their relationship meant alot to him. Kyo then noticed his clone appear from the corner near where he and Yuki sat.

“<It’s that posuer again…>” He said

“<Poseur?!>” Kusanagi replied. “<You’re he one who’s washed up, Kusanagi Kyo!>”

Before Kusanagi could harm him and his girlfriend, Benimaru and Shingo interfered. Goro Daimon was nearby but he had to use the washroom.

Benimaru: “Hey! Let’s do this!”

Shingo: “<…That was so Terry’s line, Benimaru-san!>”

Benimaru: Relax kid! I got this one.

Benimaru’s english was fluent, However his accent butchered the english that came out of his mouth. He then tried to hit Kusanagi. However, one blow was all that was needed to knock Benimaru out.

Shingo: “<Benimaru-san!!!>”

Yuki was still shocked that there was more than one Kyo. The Kyo that was beating Benimaru down had darker skin and wore a permanent sinister smile. The Kyo who sat right next to her stood up and rushed in.

Kyo: “<What the hell do you want with me?”>

Kusanagi: “<I already killed Yagami… He was always making empty death threats, anyway!>”

Kyo: “<Yagami… dead?!>”

Before Kusanagi could lay his hands on Yuki, SOL Badguy emerged from a dark alleyway. He didn’t care about what Kusanagi did. All he wanted was a good fight.

SOL: “<Let’s make a deal! I’ll fight one of you, The person who defeats me will win my respect and have me as an ally!>”

Kyo: “<Prepare to get basted!>”

Kusanagi: “<I shall make you serve Garra!>”

SOL then launched both of them to the ground with a huge Tyrant Wave. Suddenly as he celebrated his victory, Shingo kicked him in the nuts.

Shingo: “<This is… MY VICTORY!!! Thank you, real Kusanagi-san!>”

SOL: “<Bastard!!>”


Gabriel left the Inn and searched the streets for the man who defeated him. the streets were filled with people. As he waded through the street he saw some dude trying to sell his comic.

Spikey haired dude w/ head band : Yo ! Buy my comic ! It’s the ultimate battle between the X-Men and Street fighters !!

While he’s was wondering why the guy with the “bad” symbol , had a fish bone in his mouth , someone pushed him into the comic stand.

Gabriel knocked over all of the comics and heards screaming from the guy with the red headband. " What the hell is your problem ? Are you drunk ? "

" Uhhh… Sorry man…" Gabriel saw the guy that pushed him head off into the crowd. " Sorry I’ll be right back"

" Oh no you don’t …" Before mister headband could chase Gabriel , a long red headed samurai stopped him.

" Uh Sano would you let it go ? I need help with the new shipment of Wolverine vs Akuma comics. " Sano stopped and spat out the fishbone.

Gabriel chased the guy pushing people out of his way , barely able to keep him in his sight.
When that guy pushed him he could feel a burn where he touched him. Was it the same guy who beat him up ?
" Hey freak ! Come back here !!! "

Gabriel saw the freak head into the alley behind a building.
" Son of a bitch !! " Gabriel charged into the alley where he was backhanded in the face. Gabriel fell down holding his mouth.

" Why are you in such a rush to die ? " the guy was covered with a dark cloak and had white spikey hair. " Your sacifice to Garra is apreciated."

" Oh so your the asshole who is screwing up everything. " Gabriel stood back up and quickly drew out his sword.

" The children of Garra are uniting . The unification of the dimensions is a small side effect." The freak replyed.

" Side effect ? ! " Gabriel grit his teeth. " You are going to massacre billions and trillions of planets ! " The blood driped from the corner of Gabe’s mouth.

" The unity will be marvlous , the strongest world will finally be unleashed and the question of who is the strongest will be answered ."

Gabriel pointed his sword in the freaks face. " How are you going to surive if everything is destroyed ? " The freak only smiled , " You bastard !"

the enemy moved quickly slaming his palm into gabriel’s face knocking him into a bunch of trash cans.
" The name is Serge. You are cattle for my god ! "

Gabriel charged at Serge, swinging his sword at his face. Serge took his fist and swung shatttering Gabriel’s sword into pieces .

" You will die like all the other fighters who traveled into this dimension. " Serge rammed his fist into Gabriel’s gut.

Gabriel stood stuned for a moment then smiled. " You’re just a wannabe. " He returned Serge’s pain by headbutting Serge’s forehead.

Serge reeled back in pain. Holding his forehead and feeling the blood trickle down his face.
" Grrrr… You… "

" That was nothing…" Gabriel spun kicking Serge ,sending him flying out of the alley. He flew into a bunch of people who screamed and cursed.

The crowded city street grew silent. As Serge screamed in anger. " You’ll pay for that !!!" the people chattered nervously. " ha ha ha ha…" Blood covered his fore head turning his vision red. " What will you do when I tear apart Nina with my hands?"

Gabriel froze in his tracks. " How did you know…?" Serge’s grin grew wide at his question.

" Your mind is growing cloudy. What’s a matter you can’t focus well? under the stress of me talking about the mulitation of your love ?" Serge threw off his cloak.
When the crowd of people’s chatter grew louder Serge grew irritated.
" Shut up !!!" Serge threw himself into the crowd tearing away. He slahed and ripped away at anyone standing around him.
Men and woman screamed in terror running away from the psyco. "Why are you cattle still alive !! you weak cattle must die. " It wasn’t long before Serge was soaked in blood.

" What the hell is your problem ?!" Gabriel rushed Serge and pulled him off one of the people he was mutilating. " You sick bastard !! "

gabrielzero, you can go ahead and use Zetain if you want, I dont have time to write for her so if you or pin want to then go ahead


Thank you. Maybe when your not busy, we’ll see you around here. :pleased:

Battle Royale

Serge was covered with blood from head to toe. Gabriel steped back intimidated by the the look on Serge’s face.

Serge grined tilting his head a little. His eye twitched slightly. " You ready to die ? " He whispered.

He disapeared with that question. " What the?.." Gabriel asked.

Serge reappeared behind Gabriel . Serge pulled back his arm and shoved it through Gabriels back. Gabriel froze in pain. " This energy …it’s delicious." Serge said ,as he stuck his arm futher causing Gabriel to scream in agony. Gabriel tryed to resist but the pain was overbareing.

" I’ve never tasted energy like this " Serge drained Gabriel slowly . The brave people who still watched could see the energy surrounding the two fighters.
" Gahhhhh…" Gabriel gargled his blood. The sky grew dark and energy formed opening a portal.

Not to far away Sol Badguy could sense the energy swarming the energy where he left gabriel. " That energy is the same as that portal I traveled through . That brat is opening another portal…"

Distracted Sol was hit by Shingo’s right hook.

Serge grew stronger . " Finally I’m strong enough to take on that other fighter who came here. A rift in the sky opened slowly.

Gabriel could barely hear what serge was saying. His ears were filled with a loud ringing sound. " Nina…" Gabriel choked.

" Your worthless after all… " Serge laughed. " Before you die I’ll tell you what’s on your mind. The reason I knew Nina is cause I’m what you would call a psycic. " Serge tore his arm out sending Gabriel falling to the ground.
" I also saw how you traveled here. Thanks to you I now have the skill to leave this place and reunite with Garra "

Gabriel felt numb all over. " can’t let this happen. how could i let this happen ? " Gabriel asked himself these questions as serge stomped on the wound he created on Gabriel’s back. As Serge smooshed Gabriel with his boot Gabriel screamed in pain.

" Ha Ha Ha Ha ! " Serge laughed. He stoped torturing Gabriel and marveled at the rift in the sky. " So beautiful" Serge turned to Gabriel. " Don’t worry . I’ll make sure I say hi to Nina for you …"

Ace’s cameo!

((This may be the only appearance Ace makes!! I’ll save him for the next one!!))

SOL rushed off to find the source of the rifts again. Before he could move, Shingo hit him again.

Shingo: “<You’re supposed to follow my orders…>”

SOL: “<Shaddap! I got rifts to >”

Kyo: “<If you let us come along, We’ll help you out in KOF! You join our team. Get a couple hundred billion yen…>”

Benimaru: “<What about Goro?>”

After Benimaru mentioned that name, Kyo went to Goro Daimon’s house. Goro joined. Now Team Japan plus SOL Badguy(reformed?) went to go investigate the rift. They continued to walk until they saw an alley that was unusually dark. Suddenly, they bumped into a red eyed, dark figure. He looked like he didn’t belong anywhere. He was even shorter than Shingo.

Dark Person: “<Watch where you’re going, dumbass!>”

Goro: “<You little brat! I’ll teach you some manners!!>”

Dark person: “<A fat old man like you?! You’re a joke!>”

The figure stepped out of the shadows. He had long hair and wore a black denim jacket, His red T-shirt and jeans made him look like a typical yankee kid.

Benimaru: “Who are you?”

Ace: “<Spare me your awful english, pretty boy! Name’s Ace Blackman! Son of the Phoenix>”

Kyo: “<Never heard of ya!>”

Shingo: “<I’ll take him, Mr. Kusanagi!>”

Ace: “<Yeah, Right!>”

<<Phoenix shot>>
Ace fired several balls of fire. They hit every one of his targets. After getting in his cheapshots, he chuckled.

Ace: “<You guys will never get anywhere in New York… Later!>”

Ace then made his way off. SOL Badguy tried to catch up with him, but by the time he thought Ace was in his grasp, He lost him.

Chosen One

Gabriel stared at Serge who was surrounded by power. The cocky Fool turned his back to Gabriel and walked towards the portal that was created. everything close to the portal , bikes , people , etc were dragged into the vortex.

Gabriel felt his heart race. He heard a familar voice whisper in his ear. “don’t let him go! Stop him !”

Gabriel raised his hand out at Serge. He tryed over and over again but pain of broken bones was unbearable. " I Can’t move …" Gabriel wondered if he was really hearing the voice , or if the beating he took had gotten to his mind.

" The Chosen one’s power is Anfinity. Don’t you have respect for your race Hero ? Race your arm out and stop him !!!" The whisper grew louder .

Gabriel pointed at Serge once again. He stammered to his feet doing his best to ignore the pain. Everything grew quiet. Debris and clutter raised into the sky and the wind blew all around him, yet Gabriel could hear nothing but the beating of his heart. He gritted his teeth and limped towards Serge who floated in the middle of the sky.

" Don’t forgive him Gabriel. If he fuses with Garra , he’ll kill us all !! Stop him ! Stop him with your blood ! The Blood of the Brood !!" the whisper became clear that it was the voice of Nina.

" Serge !!! " Gabriel screamed. Dragon wings spouted out of Gabriel’s back and claws replaced his hands. Serge watched in horror as Gabriel morphed into a dragon hybrid.

" What are you doing ? " Serge studdered Gabriel flew up to where Serge was and started hammering away with his fist.

" I’m killing you " Gabriel answered. Gabriel shoved his claw into Serges chest. " Does that answer your question ? " Serge’s body froze and grew limp on Gabriel’s arm.

" If you kill me… this town will be sucked up by the vortex…" Serge coughed up blood.

" Whatever happens will be small compared to the damage you would cause. "

As Gabriel tore Serge limb from limb. The Town that Sol Badguy, Kyo, Ace and everyone else was in was sucked into another Dimension.

Is this thing dead ?

((I’ve just got writer’s block…))

Sol, Kyo, Benimaru, Shingo and Goro noticed that the town was being sucked into oblivion. Somehow, Ace got out of town.

Sol: Shit!

Kyo: <Shit!>

Goro: <Looks like we’re gonners…>

Goro was the first sucked into oblivion.

Goro: <But my name means fifth one!>

There was little time until the others were screwed!

Gabriel found himself in the middle of the portal.

He could see the other’s floating unconsious.

He had know idea where he was or where he was being taken.

Kyo opened his eyes. He was lying in the middle of a staduim. Fans were chanting “Kusanagi! Kusanagi!” He then looked up to the banner. It said “CAPCOM VS SNK 3: Legendary Fists 2007”. SOL Badguy, Goro and Benimaru stood outside. Shingo stared screaming out random things Megaman held him to the floor.

SOL: “<Kusanagi! Fight!>”

Benimaru: “<Kyo! Get up!>”

The opponents they were facing were Megaman, Hokutomaru, and Yun. If Kyo lost to Megaman, Only Sol would be able to take them all out.

Megaman: “Too bad I have to fight you… I’ve gotta win this in order to pay for my new upgrade!”

Roll: “Be Careful! I’ve never seen such energy come from a human being!”

MvC Announcer: "Kyo vs. Megaman!"
CvS2 Announcer: "I’m sure that the strongest one will win!"
MvC Announcer: "Dude, you’re a total fag…"
CvS2 Announcer: “That hurt!”

Megaman fired several shots in Kyo’s way. However, All the shots that were fired were shot with ease. Kyo tried to hit Megaman with an Aragami. He dodged Kyo’s attack and hit him with his own.

Megaman: “Bakin!” <- Pronounced “Bah-Keen!”

Kyo was taken by suprise when Megaman nailed him with Shingo’s signature move. Kyo’s mouth began to bleed.

MvC Announcer: "A nice attack by Megaman!"
CvS2 Announcer: "Shingo’s signature move, too! I can even see blood pouring down Kyo’s mouth!"
MvC Announcer: "Had to be the SDM version, 'cause that move is normally useless!"
CvS2 Announcer: “Kyo’s getting up!”

Kyo: “<I’ll show you… THE POWER OF THE KUSANAGI!!!>”

<Trinity One>
A pillar of flame burst out right infront of Kyo. He then walked right through it and punched megaman repeatedly. He then performed his Oniyaki to top it off.

As a reaction. Blue spheres of energy spread out and Megaman was nowhere to be seen. Kyo had defeated a machine.

MvC Announcer: "Kyo wins"
CvS2 Announcer: “Finest K.O… Dammit It’s even better than that!!”

Suddenly, A smoke cloud appeared. When it dissapated, Hokutomaru was covered in soot.

Hokutomaru: “I need to get the hang of these things!”