Dilema: which fight stick should i buy?

I have 2 fight sticms that i am looking at on kijiji. One is a standard sf4 fight stick but it has all sanwa buttons and stick and signed signed buy daigo and poongko. It does not have one of the rubbers on the back but theyy are asking for 120. The other one is a tournament edition fight stick and the guy had it for a month lnib at the cost of 135. Wich one should i get because they seem to be the same thing excpet for price diff but at the same time im not familiar with fight sticks

Faux paus (Fo pah) on making a new thread on this, but I dont mind.
There is a sticky thread at the top of tech talk that goes into great detail. You should check it out.

I don’t think it’s a case of which to buy, but rather what’s the better deal. Honestly, if the signatures mean something to you that’s the best way to go and you can always get a new set of feet.

Personally I feel the TE stick for 135 is better any day of the week, partially because it’s LNIB and honestly how do you lose one of the rubber feet? Sounds like the seller didn’t give a rats ass about the stick.

The autographs mean nothing.
Get the TE instead.

There’s a thread for this.