Digital Ops Monlthy #1 Results - Ann Arbor, MI

Hey everyone, thanks for coming to the tournament!

I’d say it was a good turnout for #1, especially with the weather.

Get ready for number 2, February 21st. I’ll post a thread for it soon. Tell everyone.

Here’s the results

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
1: Grego
2: AaronS
3: SamuraiPanda
4: -=KOH=-
5: Chindogg
5: Tupac
7: Stunt Butt
7: Zach

Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
1: Grego
2: Tupac
3: Hooligan
4: Gain
5: New Money
5: Zach
7: Chris M.
7: SamuraiPanda

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
1: Grego
2: fire chocobo
3: -=KOH=-
4: Gain
5: AaronS

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
1: Yusuke
2: AaronS
3: Kenda
4: Chris M.

I know not all the tourneys ended up happening, but I blame that shit on the weather. Next time, we’ll have all the games mentioned for this month, plus Street Fighter 4.

Speak up about what console you want SF4 and HDR on.

Thanks to everyone that made it.
Everyone that wimped out cause of the snow, be here next time!

Shoutout to Grego for raping everyone.

Nice! I woulda been there but I didn’t get TvC until last night…

We should play some games next time you’re in Ann Arbor.

It was fun times. I’ll have to figure out how to stop Grego’s Karas.

Yeah I wanted to come but the snow was insabe. It’s going to take me a long time to come even if I tried to come. Looks like it was an awesome tournament. Next time I’ll try to make it. February 21st?!? I’m going to definitely come that dau. I will have the Collector’s edition of Street Fighter IV by then. I’ll be playing that game like crazy everyday.

Nobody answered my question if they have Street Fighter IV at any arcades in Detroit? I know they have them in Toronto but I don’t know if they have it in Detroit. Let me know any info you have. Thanks.

Nope. Oakland Mall’s arcade was looking into it, but decided that it was just too expensive, especially when the console release is right around the corner.

Now Blazblue, they are looking into…

Good games, could’ve used more people for Guilty Gear. I was pretty sure my brother would get 2nd place though.

If anyone is up for some casuals between the tournaments I’ll be in Ann Arbor.

I’m very up for some casuals >.<

Let me know and we can play some GG or TvC.

I got too nervous against Aaron, and dropped my combos way too many times >_<

But hey, at least I figured out how to deal with that giant gold bastard.

Good shit to everyone I played, thanks to aarons for running this tourney, cant wait till the next one. Peace.

Sorry I couldn’t make it. Glad no one got in accidents getting there and back.

Indy’s having a tourney on the weekend in Feb you’re planning on – dunno if you care but it might benefit some players to reschedule next month’s Ann Arbor tourney.

P.S. Sounds like you guys had good luck w/ weather – my gf’s house around Toledo was Level 2 snow emergency all weekend, we didn’t leave the house Fri-Sun :stuck_out_tongue:


When is the next monthly tourney? I’d like to come play.

That link I just posted, like, right before you, that’s #2 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just kidding though, you should definitely come.

We should get some casuals going this weekend. I’m pretty sure my brother will be free too. Do you play Tekken at all? I might have a friend that would be up for some tekken. I would’ve sent a PM but I need more posts.

Yeah, I’ll play this weekend. I don’t play Tekken, but I’d be willing to give it a try. Where do you want to play?

Sorry I wasn’t there, combination of weather and almost every fricking person I wanted to hang out with backing out.


I’ll have to show up at Oak sometime just to express my interest in this. I’ve been willing to drive 3 1/2 hrs to play it, so I’ll definitely play it a lot more if it’s only 20 mins away.

Anywhere you could host it would be ok. I don’t have a wii otherwise I would do it myself.

If they get Blazblue in Detroit I will be there so much Shardz. If someone has the email of the arcade there they should post it and we’ll all mail them and they’ll buy the game >.<

Hydra - We can play at Get Your Game On. Saturday or Sunday?

Saturday works for me. Anytime in the afternoon would be good. I would also be up for going to Detroit for some BlazBlue. I’m hoping to get some TvC practice so I can enter the next tournament.