Difficulty settings in Survival vs. all other modes

Hey everyone,

I’ve tested my theory out over and over again and with difficulty at the highest setting: Survival mode is still way too easy, but I don’t have this issue in arcade/training mode(though even in those modes, the AI in TvC is definitely well below what it is in SSF4 or MvC3, for what that’s worth.) I’m a very green player and started playing fighting games for the first time since the 90s less than six months ago. My execution needs a bit more polishing, I haven’t learned tag team dynamics in TvC or MvC3 very well at all yet, and I generally get destroyed in online matches(probably more than 80% of the time, since I’m not even used to doing so.) When it comes to beating survival mode, though, it’s incredibly easy, as if the difficulty just stays at the lowest for that mode.

Okay, enough parentheses from me. :wink: Anyone have an idea what I might be doing wrong? In survival I barely even get attacked by the CPU, but in Arcade/Training I’ll get comboed for ten seconds over and over(a good thing in this case) and not even KO one of the opponents. Thanks in advance for any tips.

just so you know survival has the lowest dificulty when you start but as you get more wins the CPU start to be more an more dificult to the point where the max dificulty isnt enough an so the characters does around 50% more damage than what they used to do when you get to 50 wins on survival you start to see the diferent an when you get to 70 o 80 you see that 1 combo either kills you or do about 80% to 90% damage, if you want any tips on how to get better go to the specific character guide you can also watch the video collection an that may or not help you get better

Thanks! Didn’t see that in the manual but it makes survival mode much more useful. I feel like it’s insanely hard to find people of my skill online(or to find anyone at all sometimes,) so I really need some sort of single-player challenge, even though the CPU never really knows how to play like humans can.

Yeah, the character guides are helpful. There are a few good Youtube tutorials as well, but sadly TvC is insanely underappreciated in the States…